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What makes a hotel luxury?

The word luxury is used very often in the hospitality industry, many hotels claim to be luxury hotels but one might wonder, what are the criteria of being termed as a luxury hotel? or who decides whether the hotel is luxury or not? Answer to this question is that there are no specific qualities and there are no specific criteria to decide whether a hotel is luxury or not. It is people who decide themselves as their hotel is luxury or not. As an experience, there are certain things that a hotel must possess in order to call itself a luxury hotel. Mainly 4 star or 5 Star or 6-star hotels call themselves luxury Hotels but nowadays even lower star hotels or even new ones are called luxury hotels.

Intelligent respectful and easy hotel

This is not only for luxury hotels; all types of hotels must have a very respectful staff that is ready to help you at any point of your stay. The process of reservation should also be very simple and easy to understand for every hotel. The first thing that a hotel must possess is that the staff apart from being kind and gentle must also be very intelligent as an intelligent staff is the one that knows how to deal with the situation that they may face as hotel staff and how to satisfy customers despite any flaws that they might have encountered in the hotel administration system.

Discrete and fast

People living in luxury hotels are often some people who are in a hurry for business meetings or some other very important tasks, so wasting time in checking-in and checking-out may not be the best thing for them. So, you need to find a hotel that is fast in their service and the check-in the checkout services are Swift. When it comes to the luggage, you should not be left hanging with carrying luggage yourself and there should be people who should do. In the case of valet, people should offer to get your car ready among other things.

Room types

In a luxury hotel, they should be accommodative about each and every requirement that a customer may possess, like if a customer requires a special room classification like enhanced mobility or pet-friendly it must have it all. Luxury hotels are the hotels that have the ability to cater to the needs of all types of customers and customers should not be left compromising in the case of a luxury hotel. In a normal hotel, there are not many options and people have to compromise, but you must think that people who pay that amount of money to stay in a luxury hotel must be able to choose what the preferences are and that is fair as well.

Bathrooms win the hearts

In the case of luxury hotels, one of the best and the most attractive things is a bathroom. Luxury hotels are very expensive, hotel owners look to spend a large amount of money on making their bathrooms unique. There are certain types of bathrooms coming from luxurious hotels like traditional, cultural or advanced bathrooms. Toilets must be automatic. People often spend a lot of time in bathrooms because the whole day they are in their work and when they come home the first that pay is a visit to the bathroom. If the bathrooms are very attractive and have a lot of different facilities, it enhances the complete experience of the guests, the luxury hotels pay a high level of attention to their bathrooms

Service features

It is very important to have the staff, including the waiters or room service guys that should be very highly trained to treat the guests as highly valued. They should be taught how to respect them, how to answer their queries and how to deal with them with a smile and how to resolve issues. They must have a friendly figure when it comes to the guests. Room service is also a very important part of the hotel business, hotel owners and administrations should make sure the room service is swift, the person on the phone must be friendly and understandable, the requirements must be fulfilled in the best means possible and if all these conditions are not fulfilled, the said that room service is not worthy of staying in a luxury hotel. People stay in a luxury hotel by paying a high amount that the luxury hotel charge so they expect the services to be swift.

Amazing hotel dining

A very important thing for a luxury hotel is to have a restaurant and dining, those should be very attractive. Apart from being visually attractive, they should be carrying great food. The food can also be of a variety of types to fulfill the needs of different types of customers. The ambiance should be great, service should be fast in case of the restaurant because people don’t like to wait when they are hungry and this can ruin their experience so in a luxury hotel one should pay attention to the restaurants and dining services offered by them and how efficient they are.

Additional guest amenities and Activities

Luxury hotels should have special amenities or activities for their guests, like a gym or free Wi-Fi, a laundry service, Dog walking or personal trainers. These things truly add to the experience and these are also among the things that differ in the normal hotel from a luxury hotel. In most luxury hotels there are billiards facilities as well because rich people, like to get themselves engaged in Indoor sports like billiards or even indoor golf so the hotel must possess these structures to qualify as a superior hotel among its peers.