Do you know now you can erase a printed paper? Toshiba has come up with a new enterprise-class, mono, multi-function laser printer that focuses on re-use of paper by up to five times.

The laser printer is equipped with black toner and an erasable blue toner. The latter is a special removable toner and the machine comes with an erase button to erase a printed paper for reuse.

Toshiba says the re-use feature in the laser printer is efficient and covers an easy process in erasing the paper and making it ready for reuse.

According to general manager of Toshiba Australia and New Zealand of Toshiba Electronic Imaging Division, Bret Davies, staff are now environmentally conscious but are hovered with productivity pressures and so the company has developed such machine that enables printing paper quickly and effortlessly without the need of their presence for long.

Davies added the new laser printer with erasable printing technology offers time-saving benefits to businesses and is perfect for such offices which have space constraints.

The machine comes with several finishing options and its range includes A3 models too.

The erasable toner is used in printing temporary documents like drafts or emails and the papers can be reused after a user has finished with a document.

The machine is cloud printing enabled too and hence printing can be done from any corner and whenever one wants.

Toshiba offers e-BRIDGE Print app to facilitate cloud printing. Other compatible printing apps could also be used like the Google Cloud Print, Mopria Print Service and AirPrint.

The machine can handle large jobs and the printing speed is 45 monochrome pages per minute. The erasable toner can print 35 pages per minute.

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