Private Corporate Networks – VPN Use

Private Corporate Networks – VPN Use


For corporations that have an extensive network of offices, creating a unified communication infrastructure based on a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a good thing since this will greatly simplify the interaction of remote sites. Due to the wide infrastructure of the communication network, a lot of VPN service providers give the opportunity to organize remote connection using modern technology on the basis of existing Internet lines.

Private corporate networks enable transferring the data between their offices in a secure manner. These networks are in demand among organizations that are particularly important for the confidentiality of transmitted information (for financial and insurance companies, banks, real estate operators, distribution networks for goods and services, etc.).

The Option of Remote Access to the Enterprise Corporate Network through VPN

Often, if not always, the IT department has to handle the task of organizing remote access to the company’s network for employees who are on a business trip, vacation or are simply away from the office. This problem can be managed in different ways. One of the best solutions is using virtual personal network, which actually utilized by many companies around the world. This application differs from its alternatives in three main things:

• On the side of the remote user, the minimal configuration is required – all standard applications and features of Windows OS are used;
• The remote user works on the terminal server, which provides him/ her with the necessary environment for performing his/ her duties;
• Very flexible control over access to internal company resources is performed (provided by TMG/ ISA firewall according to domain authentication).

Searching for the Best VPN on the Web

Before setting a VPN connection, a company should check whether the VPN service provider is trustworthy to deal with. For that purpose, there are a lot of listings and ratings on the Internet including that allows business recognize reliable services that provide 100% secure and professionally managed virtual personal network.

Features Provided

Apart from the simple remote connection, VPN performs a range of other functions:

• VPN connection provides the ability to create a centralized scheme of distributed objects in order to transfer data from one place to the central node, which is used in solving a wide range of tasks.
• VPN connection provides fast and convenient connection to the main office of remote offices of any size;
• VPN connection is a simple and reliable organization of access control for office employees to Internet resources and traffic control;
• Connecting to the corporate network of home “offices” of employees, this service is convenient for employees working from home, for example, for system administrators, who will be able to monitor the network even at home; for managers, who at any time will have access to the information resources of their company;
• A high level of security of communication channels allowing people to transmit confidential corporate data.
Choosing to use a VPN service is the first step to guaranteeing your corporate safty online!