Meet Fielder Jewett, Hunter Doohan’s husband and movie producer - Tech Preview

Netflix’s new hit series is called “Wednesday.” It started on November 23 and quickly became the most-watched English show on the platform in a week. Before this, “Stranger Things” was the most popular, but now people are really into this new version of Wednesday Addams, played by Jenna Ortega.

In this one, Wednesday is a teenager learning to use her psychic powers at Nevermore Academy. There, we meet many interesting characters, including Wednesday’s cute crush, Tyler Galpin.

Tyler is played by Hunter Doohan, who comes from Arkansas. You might have seen him in other shows like “Your Honor,” “Truth Be Told,” “Schooled,” and more. Even though he has done lots of acting, people are falling in love with his role as Tyler.

Fans are excited about the possibility of Tyler and Wednesday becoming a couple, especially after they go to a dance together at Nevermore. If you care about their love story, you might be curious about Doohan’s real-life romantic situation. We do not know about his past relationships, but we do know one thing: Fielder Jewett is married with Doohan.

So, how long have they been together, and when did they tie the knot? Keep reading to find out all about Fielder Jewett and Doohan’s relationship.

Who Is Fielder Jewett, Hunter Doohan’s Husband

Unlike Doohan, Fielder Jewett is not an actor — he is a law student. Fielder went to Wesleyan University from 2007-2011, as per his LinkedIn profile. After finishing college in Connecticut with a film degree, Jewett moved to California to work in the entertainment world.

He started as an aid and worked his way up to become a producer. For four years, he freelanced as a producer. However, in August 2021, he left that job to attend Loyola Law School, where he is still studying. His Instagram bio says he will graduate in 2024.

How Did Fielder Jewett and Hunter Doohan Meet

We are not sure how they met for sure, but they might have bumped into each other while working in showbiz. They could have also met on a dating app, as many other people do, or maybe through friends they both know.

Doohan has not share much on Instagram since he joined in 2013, and Fielder Jewett keeps his Instagram private, so there is not a lot of information about their relationship.

Important Articles

How Long Have Fielder Jewett and Hunter Doohan Been Together

Even though Doohan has not told everyone how many years he and Fielder Jewett have been a couple, he shared their first photo together in June 2018 on Instagram. This means they have been together for a few years. In the picture, Doohan and Jewett are having fun outside by a lake. The actor wrote:

"goes camping once 🏕Take me back! 🏕," along with the photo.

When Did Fielder Jewett and Hunter Doohan Get Engaged

The actor from “Soundwave” asked Jewett to marry him in their apartment on New Year’s Eve in 2020. Doohan posted a picture on Instagram where he is bending on one knee, and he wrote:

"Is there anything more 2020 than an at-home proposal? I love you @fielderjewett! Cannot wait to marry you!"

When Did Fielder Jewett and Hunter Doohan Get Married

They had a lovely wedding outdoors in June 2022. Doohan posted a picture of that special day on Instagram, where they both wore black tuxedos and bow ties.

The actor wrote, "Trying to sum up your wedding day in an Instagram caption is hard… It was absolutely the best day of our lives! Thank you to everyone who made it so special! ❤️"

Some Quick Questions You Should Know

How old is Hunter Doohan

Hunter Doohan is 28 years old. He was born on January 19th 1994. Moreover, if you are curious about his star sign, he’s almost a Capricorn.

How tall is Hunter Doohan

Hunter Doohan’s exact height is not mentioned online, but some reports suggest he’s around 5ft 10 to 5ft 11 inches tall. He’s shorter than his Wednesday co-star, Percy Hynes White.

Where is Hunter Doohan from

Hunter Doohan is an American actor, and he grew up in Fort Smith, Arkansas. He also mentioned that he moved around the southern United States. He got into acting during high school and later attended a two-year acting program in Santa Monica.

Hunter Doohan plays Tyler Galpin in Netflix’s Wednesday

In the Netflix series, Hunter Doohan plays Jericho ‘normie’ Tyler Galpin. Tyler does not go to Nevermore Academy, but he becomes friends with Wednesday thanks to his job at the Weathervane cafe.

What movies and TV shows has Hunter Doohan been in

Before being picked for Wednesday as Tyler Galpin, Hunter was best known for playing Adam Desiato in Showtime’s Your Honor, where he acted alongside Bryan Cranston. He has also had roles in Netflix’s What/If mini-series, ABC’s Schooled, and HBO’s Westworld. He has been in movies like Soundwave and Where We Disappear.

How Hunter Doohan plays Adam in Your Honor

In the Showtime series Your Honor, Hunter Doohan plays the character Adam Desiato. The show is about a judge who questions his beliefs when his son is involved in a hit-and-run with a crime family. Adam is played by Hunter, and Bryan Cranston plays his dad and the judge.

The first season ended with a cliffhanger, and the second season is set to air in January 2023.

Does Hunter Doohan have Instagram

Yes, Hunter Doohan does have an Instagram account, and he will likely gain more followers as people get to know Tyler on Netflix’s Wednesday. On his Instagram, you will find photos from behind the scenes of his recent projects and glimpses into his personal life with his friends and husband, Fielder.

Who are Hunter Doohan’s parents? His father was a professional tennis player

Hunter Doohan’s parents are Angie and Peter Doohan. His dad, Peter, was an Australian pro tennis player who mainly played in the ’80s. He even reached the Australian Open final in 1987 in men’s doubles with his partner Laurie Warder.

Sadly, Peter passed away from ALS in 2017, and Hunter often shares heartfelt tributes to his father on Instagram.