SolarMovie – Best Sites to Watch Free Movies Online in 2023

SolarMovie – Best Sites to Watch Free Movies Online in 2023

I am usually free on weekends and never want to hang out with anyone. I like to sit and watch movies online. But I do not want to pay or get a subscription because it would be a waste of money. 

I always search for free websites that give reliable and authentic content without any ads. However, getting it would be a difficult website because there are a number of websites which claim to give ads-free content, but it never happens. 

If you are looking for one such website, look at SolarMovie. It is a very famous website where you can watch free movies on the Internet. You can get a lot of TV shows and different kinds of movies like serious, funny, and action movies. It has everything that you need to watch movies online

Solar used to be one of the best and top websites for free movies, but now they show advertisements along with the movies.

Oopsss! What to do now?

Should we go for alternatives? Yes, of course, let’s know some of the best:

Best SolarMovie Alternatives in 2023


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YesMovies is a website where you can download and live-stream movies, series, TV shows, and documentaries without any cost. Its design is easy to use and simple, and selecting moves and series that have been carefully chosen. Because of these features, it has become very popular. 

It will be a great option if you want to find exciting movies with easy-to-use layouts.

Key features

  • You can watch shows and movies needing to sign up and log in.
  • You do not have to spend any money because the website is totally free.
  • There is a vast collection of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and documentary dramas.
  • You can sort the content on the website as per your choice based on IMDb ratings or different categories.


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Have you heard about this website? If not, it is a website similar to SOlarmovies, where you can watch TV shows and movies without any cost. You have the option available to sort your content as per your choice based on HD and non-HD TV series, videos, and genre.

Key Features

  • You can decide which movie you should watch by checking the IMDb reviews.
  • You can also send requests and give feedback related to broken or incorrect links and videos, audio, missing download links, and much more. 
  • The most viewed section helps you see what other viewers watch the most on this website.


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MovieJoy is another free option for watching TV shows and movies from teh convenience of your home. Whereas the website itself does not have any ads, and sometimes you may need to watch ads before you can start streaming.

The best part is that you can get all the movies and shows without creating any account or paying money for a subscription.

With more than 10,000 movies and shows available, some of the streaming servers even allow you to download the media to your mobile or computer.

Key Features

  • MovieJoy is easy to use and has a vast range of filters to help you get whatever you are looking for.
  • This website does not host files directly but instead serves as a directory to other sources.
  • You get the option to download shows and movies from the website.


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You might have heard about this platform. It is a completely entertaining platform that gives people a number of shows and genres for an amazing viewing experience. 

You can easily get and watch TV shows or movies that you want to watch.

It has different categories of your choice.

Key Features

  • The content on the website is in specific genres, which makes it easy to use and user-friendly.
  • The library on this website has a vast collection of Hollywood and Bollywood, also classics from the 80s and 90s.
  • It supports different languages like French, Italian, Turkish, Russian, and many more based on your country. You can use it right away without having to go through a time-consuming registration process.


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YifyMovies is a strong competitor to SolarMovies when it comes to watching TV series and movies. The best part is that you do not need to register to watch TV shows or movies.

Key Features

  • The website has different sorting options available.
  • You can filter movies based on your genres, ratings, release date, and much more.
  • Rating on the website helps you decide which movie to watch and which not.


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Watchmovesfree is a website that gives free entertainment, which means that you don’t have to pay anything. It also allows people to watch TV shows and movies without any need to register and pay any amount. 

Also, it offers a list of the most popular TV shows and films and a regularly updated collection of different genres with new content.

Key Features

  • The website is very easy to use.
  • There is no option to disrupt the viewing experience.
  • You will not face annoying pop-ups or ads while using the website.


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M4UFree is an excellent and secure alternative to SolarMovies, which provides you with a vast selection of premium content. Users can easily search for movies and simply click on the one they want to watch.

The best feature of this website is that once you click play, the streaming starts almost instantly without any delay.

Key Features

  • Users can enjoy m4ufree movies without the need to create an account on the website. 
  • You can start streaming, and it lasts longer.
  • The website has a vast library of content that is updated regularly, and you can enjoy it with users at any time.


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If you love South Asian movies, then it would be the best platform. It offers the latest releases in 9-10 different languages. Here you can stream movies for free and get access to songs, movies, video clips, and many more.

It has legal streaming options and a wide collection of TV shows and movies. Movie lovers get complete access to songs and movies in different languages without an enjoyable and complete streaming experience.

Key Features

  • The website has a vast collection of South Asian Movies.
  • Users can legally enjoy more than 4000 movies.
  • It offers a premium service with server control for all movie fans.
  • It offers movies in 9 different languages.


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Bmovies is a popular and demanding choice which is similar to Solarmovies, which allows you to watch movies and HD TV series without the need for registration. It offers different categories like country, genre, top IMDB, A-Z chart, and much more.

Key Features

  • You can get a list of series and movies that matches your choice.
  • Also, you can use the search bar to find a specific film of your preference.
  • Movies give a vast selection of movies in each genre.
  • However, it shows pop-ups and ads like other sites.
  • To have a smooth streaming experience, it offers different streaming servers for your favourite movies.


CineBloom is different from other websites like SolarMovies by giving online links to Streamango videos and OpenLoad, as TV shows and TV series.

It is a free streaming website where you can watch your favourite TV shows and movies without any cost. It features an easy and simple interface that is mainly designed to improve the experience of the user.

Key Features

  • On the homepage of the user, you can get the most viewed and latest released movies.
  • You can easily search for a particular movie that you want to watch using the search bar.
  • Moreover, it offers a vast library of TV shows and movies and has everything that you will find in the films you are looking for.


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LookMOvies is the most viewed website where you can stream videos and films, including TV shows and web shows and projects, on your computer.

Before going to watch anything on this platform, you should know that it is an unauthorized platform that hosts illegal content from various sources.

The website offers a vast collection of videos and other materials like TV shows and movies.

Key Features

  • This website offers a vast range of anime shows for users to enjoy.
  • The server of this website is fast and has a low chance of facing server errors.
  • You can get a number of movie information directly on the website. With this website, there is no need to make a physical list of your favourite shows and movies.
  • Many movies are available on this platform in both subbed and dubbed versions for your movie choices.


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Gomovies is a platform where you can stream movies for free. It is considered as teh best online platform for streaming of movies. You can get a wide collection of popular TV shows and movies that can be watched from anywhere on any device and at any time. 

Users can comment or rate the movies and add them to their favourite movies.

Key Features

  • This platform is very easy to access and is user-friendly for beginners.
  • Users get the option to download the latest release.
  • By selecting the desired quality, people can easily get these films.
  • The search bar allows users to get the movies of their choice fastly.
  • HD quality for movies and shows is supported, which allows users to access new TV programs.
  • There are only a few ads and pop-ups on the website, and these can be easily blocked by using a free ad blocker of your choice.


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CONTV offers the content of your choice and eliminates the need to search for your favourite movies and shows on the internet or wait for them to be uploaded to platforms like YouTube. Everything that you want to watch is available in one place.

You can find different categories of movies like modern and classical genres like horror, sci-fi, action, comedy and also TV shows. This website offers a vast selection of movies and videos in order to watch shows of your choice and avoid disappointing its users.

Key Features

  • CONTV is accessible on vast platforms like tablets, browsers, and devices for both iOS and Android. 
  • To stream videos and shows, it is required to register first. 
  • You can find new comics, new videos, Live TV shows, and many more on the platform.


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Afdah is one of the best alternatives to SolarMovie, which offers free streaming of videos to users. It gives access to new TV shows and movies, but it is important to note that Afdah does not host any of the movies it claims.

Key Features

  • Afdah allows you to watch films in various categories, like films, HD movies, movies, country, language, and music. 
  • You can choose movies based on different genres like adventure, action, animation, horror, comedy, and war.
  • Also, you have the option to search for films by actor, title, and director.
  • It gives other information about films, IMDb score, duration, release date, duration of movies, and other details.


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Popcornflix is another top website which is similar to SolarMovies, which offers a vast collection of free TV shows and movies in different genres that you can stream without the registration needed. Also, it gives free entertainment.

Key Feature

  • The different feature of this website is its video player, which lets you make video gifs.
  • There is an extra streaming service for children called Popcornflix Kids, which offers the same features as the original website of Popcornflix, and it is completely free.
  • There is a Moment segment in every video which allows viewers to watch the same video to communicate.


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TubiTV is a platform for streaming TV shows and movies which offers a vast collection, and the best thing is that it is completely free and can be played on your smart TV, mobile phone, and streaming device. 

The only problem you can face is ads, which means frequent ads are shown on this platform while you are enjoying your movie.

Key Features

  • You can watch TV shows and movies on TubiTV without the need to create an account.
  • It allows you to create a personal and private watch list and resume playback across multiple devices.
  • This online streaming platform gives you an enhanced experience and allows endless access to different devices.
  • The platform has easy to access interface with different categories like TV sitcoms, series, shows, and crime TV.


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MovieWatcher is another best platform that is similar to SolarMovie, which is designed for movie lovers who want to download or stream HD TV shows or HD movies without any registration or cost. It also gives a hassle-free experience, which allows users to enjoy uninterrupted services.

Key Features

  • MovieWatcher has a vast collection of movies provided by third parties.
  • It is served as a centralized platform for free streaming of HD content.
  • It is not mandatory to create an account. 


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Lunchflix has a vast collection of content for you to enjoy without any cost. On this platform, you can get a vast collection of streaming content and options. With these features, it has attracted a number of visitors who are interested in watching free movies online.

Key Features

  • No subscription fee is needed to register an account.
  • The homepage of the platform has recently and popular uploaded films.
  • The menu has different categories for easy access using different types of films. 
  • Users can use the search bar to find specific movies of their choice.


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You might have heard about this platform, as it is a highly recommended alternative to SolarMovies. It is a free video streaming platform where you can watch movies online and even download them without the need for registration. It gives the option to stream and download movies and shows in HD format.

Key Features

  • It has a vast collection of movies available for free streaming.
  • It offers movies in HD quality.
  • After registering on this platform, you get access to unlimited movies for free.
  • You can also watch your favourite web series on


In conclusion, there are some of the= top alternatives to SolarMovie that give users the opportunity to watch their favourite movies and TV shows online.

All the alternatives that we have mentioned alternatives are fully accessible. Users can simply clock on the given links to directly access these websites, which saves you time and effort in searching for an alternative to SolarMovies.

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