The Tree who stands alone

The Tree Who Stands Alone (Genshin Impact)!

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action RPG, Published and developed by HiHoYo. Genshin Impact is an RPG (Role-playing game) present in a frictional Open world, Tevyat. In 2020, Genshin Impact was realized in PlayStation 4, Windows, iOS, and Android. After a year into the game, it was realized on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5.

Genshin impact is an action RPG, in the world of Genshin Impact character has elemental power and an anime-style character and environment. During the battle, you can switch up to 4 characters and different elements mix up with different elements to make a powerful reaction. Like hydro (water) is a good conductor of electro (electricity), together they make a reaction that gives more powerful reaction damage.  

Genshin is a gacha game, it consists of gacha mechanisms, and through that, you can obtain new weapons and characters. 

Genshin Impact has its own story and keeps its player base busy through Archon quests, Story missions ls, daily missions, and world adventure missions. “The tree who stands alone” is a world adventure mission.

The tree who stands alone

To start the “the tree who stands alone” world question, you have to go to Mingyun Village and meet Yuan Hong, a ghost. After the interaction between the traveler and Yuan Hong, you get the directions to go to the Cottage through the village and find the Lost notes.

First Will

  • To locate first will you have to go to a cottage that is Southwards related to the cottage, inside a cave that is with the water body.
  • There are barrels placed near the cave and when you shoot or strike those barrels they will blow up and open the cave.
  • Enter the cave and there you will find a chest and a will.

Second Will

  • Move towards the east in relation to the town. There you will find 3 hilichurls with an Exquisite chest.
  • Open the chest and you will get a will and some items as rewards in the chest.

Third Will

  • Move towards the north in relation to the town and you are looking for a cave that has 3 geo slimes and a hilichurl. Defeat them and you will get the will.
  • If you go through the water you can get the will without fighting the enemies.

Fourth Will

  • To find the fourth wall, you have to go within a cave that is towards the west in relation to the town. You will find 2 entryways with enemies.
  • You find the treasure and you will get the last will.

To obtain the treasure you need to go to the bottom of the tree which stands alone and you will have to fight 3 hoarders you can obtain the precious chest.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What am I supposed to look for in Mingyun villages?

In Mingyun Village, we are looking for Yuan Hong, a ghost. She will give us the location of 4 wills and after finding them you will obtain a treasure.

Where is Yuan Hong Genshin?

Ans. You can find Yuan Hong in Mingyun Village to complete the word quest “the tree who stands alone.”


Genshin Impact keeps its players engaged through different means, one of which is a quest. There is a different kind of quotes like Archon quest, story mission, or world mission. “The tree who stands alone” is a world mission. By completing the steps given above, you can obtain different items. 

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