Ideas for Great Summer Family Holidays in California

California is perfect for a summer trip with kids. A summer trip to this part of the country makes it possible to combine beautiful hikes in nature with thrilling rides on Disneyland’s rollercoasters.

Summer Trips in the North of California

The North of California has a lot to offer for family summer trips. Why not plan a visit to astounding Yosemite? The park has beautiful waterfalls, lots of hiking trails and the Merced River is perfect for rafting. It’s possible to rent a raft at Curry Village and float down the gentle Merced River. Although this is a very smooth-flowing river, life jackets are obligatory. Kids have to weigh more than 50 lbs. to rent a raft, even with a supervising parent present. This relaxing water trip brings the rafts past mini-islands and sandy beaches. Don’t forget to also get out of the raft for a swim on hot summer days!

Fun Things to Do With Kids During the Summer Family Holiday

Other activities for summer trips with kids include visiting San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39. Lake Tahoe is a great option, too. The lake has some nice day hikes that are suitable for family trips, including Vikingsholm and Emerald Bay. It is possible to bring a stroller on this hike considering that the road is very wide, but remember that what goes up must also come down again.

Fun for Kids, Summer Holidays in Southern California

For those traveling with kids the south of California is ideal to get plenty of fun. Los Angeles (Anaheim) is where the “happiest place on earth”, also known as Disneyland, is located. Since Disneyland can be very busy during the summer months it is wise to buy tickets beforehand and avoid standing in ticket lines for hours. Don’t forget to bring hats for the little ones, since the California sun can be very hot. After a day of fun in this amusement park it’s not really nice to have to drive a long way. Book affordable accommodation near Disneyland beforehand and enjoy a good night’s sleep!

Further north is the San Diego zoo and San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park. These parks are perfect for holidays in summer! The zoo is home to over 4000 rare and exotic animals and there’s a lot to do besides watching the animals. Kids can, for instance, feed giraffe’s or attend entertaining shows.

California has a variety of activities to offer for summer holidays with kids. The north is perfect for outdoor fun in Yosemite, Lake Tahoe or San Francisco. The south is home to Disneyland and San Diego zoo. These activities will make the summer holiday one to remember!