Explained- Forbidden West Stormbird Location Guide!

Horizon Forbidden West is a 2022 action role-playing game where the player control Aloy, a hunter, and archer, through inhabited settlements and across wilderness areas to complete quests, explore the world, and combat enemies. Many people don’t know anything about the forbidden west stormbird location.

Players can attack the forbidden west stormbird location from a distance or up close with melee weapons such as axes, spears, or bows for ranged attacks. Players can also use stealth to avoid enemies if they are not seen. While many of the game’s machines are robotic creatures that were created by humans centuries ago, there are also other human survivors who occupy settlements built on top of old robot factories dubbed “Cauldrons.”


The game has been critically acclaimed by gamers and reviewers with praise for its graphics, storyline, gameplay mechanics, soundtrack, and breaking boundaries for female protagonists. The gameplay is broken into three parts: hunting, exploring, and combat. While in a settlement or traversing the world, Aloy will encounter different types of machines scattered throughout the area that she can hunt. These machines can be slain to acquire parts and metal that can be used to upgrade Aloy’s weapons and armor.

These metals are commonly found by breaking down machines that resemble cages or other human dwellings that hold robots with metal parts. Players’ weapons are upgraded with new parts found in each zone. Players can also upgrade their skills and improve their critical hit chance at “Camp “campsites. Players can attack enemies with melee weapons or use a targeting system during combat. Melee weapons include spears, axes, and swords. Bows are also available as ranged weapons and take the place of arrowheads in the first two installments of the series: “Horizon Zero Dawn” and “Horizon Zero Dawn the Frozen Wilds.”


Stealth, or hiding behind objects, is an essential aspect of gameplay. Aloy’s health can be depleted if she is exposed to enemies. Aloy can climb buildings and cliffs using side jumps to gain extra height and reach higher platforms. It also allows her to climb higher than other machines that are found within settlements. Scanning machines can upgrade Aloy’s skills and weapons while still in a Cauldron.

The game also has an open-world mechanic. At the beginning of each chapter, players can fast-travel to a starting point and will respawn there after death. Players can explore the game world at any time, but certain areas are locked until completing certain quests or actions within one area first.

The player’s main objective is to hunt and defeat machines for materials for crafting new equipment and upgrading Aloy’s abilities. Aloy is also capable of mounting Machines to fight as her steed in combat, as seen with many different types of animals, including birds, giraffes, rhinos, and elephants.


The forbidden west stormbird location is one of many machines in Horizon Forbidden West. The Stormbird is a giant flying machine that is similar to the Thunderjaw. It is the first flying machine Aloy encounters in the game. The Stormbird has a long tail, a high body, and a powerful head that strikes the ground, creating small shock waves. The wings (on its back) are used for stabilization, but they can still fly in forward circles and backward. In addition, it is one of the few machines that can attack while flying.

A mining lance is a weapon created by Aloy to use mining spears more effectively on machines when used as melee attacks without being tied to a single spear. Unfortunately, Stormbird is weak against the lance. In addition to the aesthetics, there are other game changes, such as updated movement controls and a lighter day/night cycle.

Stormbird Location

You can find the northwest of Legacy’s Landfall within the ruins of San Francisco. Stormbird usually is found around the area where bridges are destroyed. Moreover, there are mountains and hills west of the forbidden west stormbird location, the Maw of the arena and Memorial Grave, and around the area north of the Rain trace of North Rebel Camp.

How to Defeat?

The Stormbird can be a difficult opponent for new players. One should use the “Predator Bow” when encountering this machine. The best way to defeat this beast is to sneak behind it and shoot its back with arrows before it cries and becomes active. Players can also stun the bird after it comes down from the skies, with a Shock Trap or Tripwire Bomb, just like how you would deal with a Sawtooth by throwing either of these devices at its feet to take them out of commission for a short amount of time.

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