The Fortnite Volcanic Assassin Pack is now available to users as part of the most recent Fortnite update. Gamers may experience tons of fresh material in addition to brand-new objectives that are added to Fortnite each week. Learn how to receive a free Volcanic Assassins Pack in Fortnite by reading on.

What does the Fortnite Volcanic Assassin pack entail?

Epic Games issued a new task bundle after the publication of the most recent Fortnite patch. Three decorative items are included in the Volcanic Assassin Pack for Fortnite gamers to use.

Unfortunately, the Fortnite Volcanic Assassin Pack cannot be obtained using the digital version of Windows. Obtain your complimentary quest pack by following the instructions listed here.

  • Open Fortnite and head to the in-game marketplace.
  • Visit the area for special offers and boxed sets.
  • Search for and choose the Volcanic Assassin bundle.
  • Then “buy” the package.

Gamers instantly acquire the Tectonic Komplex cosmetic after completing the procedures mentioned above. Meanwhile, the Volcanic Assassin Pack’s additional equipment may only be obtained through completing missions or other tasks.

Can gamers on other systems obtain the Volcanic Assassin Pack?

Regrettably, only PC gamers may access the bundle. However, many Fortnite gamers discovered a method for redeeming complimentary packs by users of Fortnite on some other systems. Players must log into Fortnite using their laptop or desktop computer to use the first way. Players only need to carry out the procedures outlined previously to obtain the Volcanic Assassin Pack.

However, there is a technique available for individuals who do not have access to a computer or laptop with Fortnite downloaded.

What to do with a free mission package for gamers on smartphones and computers?

You may get the Volcanic Assassin Pack via your devices by performing the actions listed beneath.

  • Utilize your computer to navigate to the NVIDIA GeForce Current main web.
  • Then, continue scrolling once you locate your gadget under “Browser Experience.” Hit the play button thereafter.
  • NVIDIA GeForce Now will then be installed on your phone.
  • Use your Fortnite username to log in.
  • Following that, Fortnite’s lobby area will open.
  • The Volcanic Assassin Bundle is then available for purchase in the in-game shop in the Special Discounts & Multipacks category.

Additionally, Epic Games noted in their inquiry that all platforms can complete the tasks necessary to obtain all free accessories. This indicates that all you need to do to get the complimentary bundle is use GeForce Today or a computer.

Additionally, the Volcanic Assassin tasks will be accessible until all participants have finished them. Unfortunately, the Volcanic Assassin Mission Bundle will only be accessible until July 17, 2022. Epic Games stated that the complimentary pack would return in the future, but this time users will have to pay V-Bucks in order to access it.

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