The Islamic fashion industry is lately seen puzzled and upset and the reason is burkinis ban in France. Several seaside towns in the country have said no to the body-concealing swimsuit.

Dubai-based designer Rabia Zargarpur said she is upset with the bans as wearing the body-concealing swimsuit is a choice of dress and not a political statement.

Zargarpur markets her Rabia Z label online. She adds Muslim women feel the dress to be a symbol of liberation and it is never for repression. Many feel uncomfortable to swim in mixed pools or beaches and burkinis have helped them now in taking part in those activities. More to this, wearing burkinis has different reasons like sun protection and preserving modesty or sun protection.

She said real enemies of freedom are the people in politics who ban such covering dress and not the wearers.

The global Islamic fashion market is said to reach worth of $327 million by 2020 as Muslim consumers are now one of the fastest growing segments in the fashion industry. A data reveals there are 1.6 billion Muslims across the world.

Author Shelina Janmohamed said today’s Muslim women are modern as well as independent, having a sense of belonging in their communities and also seek for individuality.

Janmohhamed has authored “Love in a Headscarf.” She is also vice president of Ogilvy Noor, which offers Islamic branding practice about how to appeal Muslim..

Burkini was invented by Aheda Zanetti and she had many non-Muslims clients too earlier.