Expedia has come up with a new foray named Expedia Labs to showcase travel technology and enable developers in testing ideas as well as get genuine feedback from users.

The technology is learned to have been built internally at Expedia with the help of its several partnerships. Developers can visit the Expedia Labs website and experiment with the tools or applications made available there.

The Expedia team will thereafter analyze the feedback and share those with relevant teams to find whether the concepts are worth in travel industry or to travellers.

As of now a total of seven ideas have been live on the site for visitors like the Expedia Cruise Compare that enables purchasing of cruises after price comparison based on different criteria.

Similarly departure date and Triplane concepts enable creating a collaborative trip itinerary.

Apart from this the travel company is hosting the first Travel Think Tank too at its San Francisco offices to discuss amid bigwigs how they will continue to create new opportunities.

Expedia Chief Technology Officer Tony Donohoe said, “Expedia Labs and Travel Think Tank are a direct reflection of how the company will continue to create new opportunities — both online and offline.”

In 2015 a similar initiative was launched by Sabre featuring Sabre technology prototypes.

Share your views too with us and fellow readers whether the new initiative will further push the growth graph of travel industry northward across the world. Use the below given comment box.

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