Haligtree Secret Medallion Elden Ring, All Details!

If you are willing to explore the western part of the Elden Ring’s mountain tops of the Giants zone, you must have the Haligtree Secrete Medallion pair. You can visit the Consecrated Snowfields and other places by acquiring these pieces at the bank of the Grand lift road. It is not that easy to find the Haligtree Secret Medallions. The below-mentioned portion will help you find the Ring’s Haligtree Secret Medallions, and with the help of this guide, you can even have access to Consecrated Snowfields. Let’s discuss everything you should know about the secret Medallion Elden ring.

Secret Medallion Elden Ring

The Secret Medallion Elden Ring is a Key Item in Elden Ring that allows you to use the Grand Lift of Rold to access a secret passageway. The Haligtree Secret Medallion will work only if you have both items (Haligtree Secret Medallion and Haligtree Secret Medallions) in your inventory.

* You can find the Haligtree Secrete Medallion as a reward for completing the following quests:

* Be aware that if you want to acquire the other two (Haligtree Secret Medallions), these must come from your entry point. It is because the Consecrated Snowfields need to have these two items. Elden Ring is equipped with a massive variety of artifacts in the form of critical items. These items have a long history and a specific amount of NPC, which you can get by completing specific quests.


You can find the first half of this essential item at Castle Sol, which is present north of Giant’s Mountaintops.

When you reach this destination, you are forced to climb the rooftop, and there are two mandatory bosses that you must defeat. After that, you will have to march north, and on the right side, you will find a road you have to go along the road to get the Haligtree Secret Medallion on the ground after slaying this foe. You will have to perform the activation of the neighboring site of Grace in Elden Ring as well.

The first half of the Haligtree Medallion is found in the Village of the Albunarics in Liurnia of the Lakes.

The second half of the Medallion:

You can move the southwest section of the Liurnia region to obtain the other part of Haligtree’s secret Medallion Elden ring. Specifically, you will have to march to Elden Ring’s Albinaurics Village. Once you have reached the destination, you will have to get to the swamp and do that; you have to ride in the west direction until you don’t see any fresh water. March west until you don’t notice any slope on the left-hand side that ascends.

The second half of the medallion is located in Castle Sol, which is at the northernmost point of the Mountaintops of the Giants.

You will find a hut near a grave at the peak, which you have to pass, and then you have to turn left and move forward in the inclined direction. You will then notice two huts. Behind these huts, you will find a single pot, and in the pot, you will find your essential item.


You have to go to the bottom of the Grand Lift Rold with these two halves you have collected from the above-listed procedure, and you choose to hoist the secrete Medallion. When the transport has stopped, you will get on the Haligtree hidden pathway with the Consecrated Snowfields just ahead.

Is Elden Ring a good game?

Yes, Elden Ring is a story-based open-world game, and the original writer of this game is George R martin.

What is Haligtree Secrete Medallion?

One of the critical items in Elden Ring is a gateway to the passage of Grand Lift of Rold.


Elden ring has many critical items, and Haligtree Secrete Medallion is one of these essential items. As mentioned above, the portion describes how to get this essential item.

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