Pokemon Go: How to Get Shiny Zigzagoon?

Pokemon Go uses the device’s GPS and camera to display an image of a Pokémon on the screen of a device held in its natural world position with superimposed graphics beside it. In subsequent updates, players can search their surroundings for other types of Pokémon (such as water or grass types) or make use of items (such as eggs) that contain rarer Pokémon.

 Players can catch and train Pokémon by using Poké Balls to throw at the Pokémon they find. To progress through their game, players must walk around their surrounding environment. Maps of the local surroundings are displayed on their screen, with Pokémon gyms, parks, and other places of interest appearing on the app’s map.

When a player encounters a shiny zigzagoon nearby, they may view it in augmented reality (AR) mode; some PokéStops can also be activated to attract several wild Pokémon. In an encounter with a Pokémon, the player may throw a Poké Ball at it. If the Poké Ball is successful, it will either capture the Pokémon in a ball or knock it back out of its ball if it breaks. If the player releases their Pokémon from a Poké Ball, they must perform a technique on it that involves tapping on them three times.

As players catch more and more Pokémon, they may decorate their homes with plants and other furniture that contains toys to attract more Pokémon. When players encounter a new type of Pokémon in their surroundings or near a gym or PokéStops, an egg containing that Pokémon appears on the ground. If the player then taps on the Pokémon, it will hatch and follow them; when it does, it is named a buddy Pokémon. Buddy Pokémon earn candy for their trainer after walking a certain distance with their trainer or after fighting in battles.

Shiny Zigzagoon

The shiny zigzagoon will be there in Pokemon Go for players who won the Team Go Pocket global challenge.

How To Catch a Shiny Zigzagoon?

As per the reports, there is no full-fledged method to catch this pokemon. Moreover, there have yet to be any dedicated YouTube videos on how to catch this pokemon. But some quests improve the chances of catching this pokemon.

Field Research

This pokemon can be grabbed by performing quests like Defeat, a Team Go Rocket leader, and AR mapping. In short, these are two missions that you have to perform while catching the pokemon.

Remember that you have to finish the maximum number of Pok Stops.


The people who have competed in this competition will have their pokemon outside as well as you will find it in raids as one of the sections of completing Team Go Rocket’s global task. Not only are these pokemon, but there are numerous other options for powerful pokemon. 

Timed Research

If you have completed your luminous legends Y research, you must do it, as you might get this pokemon as one of its rewards.


Trading is one of the best methods to get this pokemon. If one of your buddies or in-game friends has an extra pokemon, you can get it for free.


When Pokemon Sword and Shield first came out, one shiny zigzagoon pokemon, in particular, caught people’s attention – shiny zigzagoon.

This particular shiny pokemon has a light purple body with an electric blue zigzag going across its body. It is the only one with the same paint job as its pokemon go counterpart. Shiny Zigzagoon is one of the highest quality shiny pokemon. However, shiny Zigzagoon has average stats. Its max CP only goes up to 569. In addition, Zigzagoon doesn’t have any attack-type moves, making it pretty useless, no matter how high its stats are. 

Even though its stats aren’t too great, and it doesn’t have a good move pool, there is still a reason why Gamerant ranked it as one of the best shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How to get shiny zigzagoon pokemon go?

Shiny Zigzagoon will be one of the playable characters in the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. You can get this pokemon with the help of any of the above-listed methods.

When is shiny zigzagoon in pokemon go?

The pokemon was recently made available in the game.


The shiny zigzagoon is one of the most powerful pokemon of all time. It was recently made available specifically for the people who competed in the Team Go Pokemon Challenge. Stay with us for more such information.

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