How To Become A Queen In Bitlife(King or Queen)?

Bit life has become an exceptionally famous game in no time, especially after Covid-19./Royalty Update has introduced many exciting features. Now players are permitted to hold a massive number of Royal titles across the world related to the Monarchies. Let’s discuss how you can become a Royal in Bitlife. You might wonder how to become a queen in bitlife, as it is one of the exciting aspects of this game.

To become a king or queen, you must take birth in a place where Monarchy already exists. Some countries where monarchies already exist are Japan, the UK, and the Netherlands; you can find numerous other places where Monarchies exist in the game, and you must be born in one of these countries.

FAQS About Bitlife Royalty!

How to marry into royalty Bit life?

  • First, you have to keep your stats up.
  • Second, you need to be extremely wealthy and popular
  • The third is to get a stardom
  • After that, you will be contacted by a Royal

Date, the Royal, and you will have to marry them to become a member of the Royal family.

What places in Bit Life have royalty?

All the places that have monarchies have royalty in the bit life. Some of these places are the Netherlands, Belgium, and Japan.


The Bitlife is an exciting game; here, you will learn more about Monarchies, politics, and many more. The above-listed portion explains the complete answer to the question of how to become a queen in bitlife