Google’s ‘DVD Screensaver’ Easter egg makes the logo - Tech Preview

Google has unveiled a new hidden surprise, or “Easter egg,” inspired by the classic DVD screensaver. If you’re curious about how to uncover this latest hidden gem within Google Search, read on.

Google is no stranger to creating fun and hidden surprises, or “Easter eggs,” for users to discover. While some of these surprises were introduced years ago and have since vanished, others are still lurking online, waiting to be found and enjoyed.

With their most recent Easter egg, which pays tribute to the iconic DVD screensaver, Google is offering a dose of nostalgia to those who remember the days when DVDs were the primary way to watch movies.

In today’s digital age, the internet has transformed how people watch TV shows and movies. However, there was a time when DVDs ruled the entertainment landscape, much like how CDs revolutionized the music industry.

DVDs were cherished for the extra features they often included, offering great value to consumers, even though they sometimes came with regional variations. Remarkably, even now, DVD movies have different running times in the UK compared to the U.S.

How to activate Easter Egg

To activate this Easter egg, all you have to do is visit and type in “DVD screensaver.” Once you do that, something cool happens: the Google logo, which normally sits in the top-left corner of the Search page, starts moving across the screen at an angle.

It then bounces off the opposite side and keeps on going in a never-ending loop. Here’s the fun part: every time the logo touches the edge of the screen, it changes colors, just like the classic DVD screensaver we all remember.

Keep in mind that this Easter egg only works on desktop computers; it won’t do its magic on mobile devices.

For many people, thinking back to the days of DVDs

It can bring a sense of nostalgia. Even though streaming has taken over, you can still find DVDs and DVD players for sale. However, as more and more folks have shifted from using physical discs to watching content online, the DVD screensaver has become a distant memory.

If you’re not familiar with it or haven’t seen a DVD player in action, here’s how it works: when a DVD player goes into hibernate or sleep mode, a screensaver kicks in, featuring the bouncing DVD logo on the screen.

This bouncing DVD logo is exactly what Google is replicating in its latest Easter egg. While the Google version won’t provide the same functionality as the original DVD screensaver, it’s still a fun Easter egg to explore.

Google is known for its playful Easter eggs, and it has introduced several related to movies in the past. Previously, Google allowed users to perform a Thanos snap on search results, and it had an Easter egg that turned the search page into a sepia-toned version reminiscent of “The Wizard of Oz.”

But for now, users can enjoy the DVD screensaver Easter egg or take a quick break with a round of Atari Breakout.

Some Questions

  1. What's the Google hidden tricks DVD screensaver?

    You know when you watch a DVD and the screen goes still for a moment? Well, if you search “dvd screensaver” on Google, their logo will bounce around like that on your computer screen. It's like a fun game.

  2. Can the DVD screensaver actually touch the corner?

    Ever wondered if that bouncing DVD logo can ever touch the corner of the screen? Well, it's a bit tricky, but yes, it can. Some smart people did the math and found out that it sort of bounces off the edges. It's like a little adventure for the logo.

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