This could be the kind of article that starts some arguments. If you are into sports you will automatically believe that your city is the best. You will say that the fans are the most passionate and that the teams are championship contenders – even if they have not sized up rings in decades.

But to get a real take on the best sports cities in the US, you should really ask a neutral. Sports tourism is a big deal these days and there are plenty of fans that pick a vacation spot on the games and fixtures above everything else.

The five cities we’ve picked are always featured on the sports pages as well as the top sportsbooks online. We have purposely not ranked them in any order – but we do think that these are five of the best.


Philly sports fans have a reputation, that’s for sure. What they see as real passion, other fans see as boorishness and outright rudeness. They supposedly booed a Santa one year! But there is a real feeling that Philadelphia is a sports town – and the fans would say that they were only booing a bad Santa anyway!

There may not have been too many championships of late but the fans have continually gotten behind the Eagles, Sixers, Phillies, and Flyers. Even the mascots are known across the country – whether it is the Phillie Fanatic or Gritty. Don’t expect a quiet day at the game if you come to Philly.


Some might argue that Boston should not be in the top five because Gillette Stadium is so far from downtown. But for a while, the Patriots were the best team in football and the fans would definitely let you know about it. In fact, Bruins, Red Sox, and Celtics fans would also make their views heard.

The Pats may have fallen off a little since Tom Brady moved to Florida. But there has been a lot of success in hockey, baseball and hoops in Boston. Even the venues are worth a trip. The parquet floor of the Boston Garden is legendary – and what more can you say about the glorious Fenway Park?

Los Angeles

LA is a perfect example of a great sports city that has not won an awful lot of championships in recent years. You could also say that this is a city that is too far spread out to really enjoy. But there is definitely something special about enjoying a game in southern California.

The Rams returning to the city brought football back into the equation but the Lakers and the Clippers will always put on a show – and the Dodgers are consistently good in their iconic stadium. Even hockey has won over this town and you always know there will always be some kind of Hollywood royalty in the expensive seats in LA.

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Figure 2 One of the best stadiums in sports


Chicago has to be the quintessential American sports city. Proud of its blue-collar brashness and passion for sports, this is one place where you can be sure to find some hometown pride. Unfortunately for the fans, you may not actually find too many championships these days. But Chicago is still well worth a visit.

The Bulls may look back to the Michael Jordan era, while the Blackhawks have definitely enjoyed better days. But the arenas and stadiums are worth the trip alone. Soldier Field is one of the best in football. But it is Wrigley Field that is consistently ranked the best ballpark in baseball. You can almost feel the history pouring out of the stands.

New York

New York gets a lot of criticism for the way its inhabitants act like they live in the best city in the world. But when you consider what New Yorkers have on their doorstep, you have to concede that they could have a point. When it comes to sports you cannot turn a corner without seeing someone repping their team.

Yankee Stadium comes straight to mind when it comes to sporting history. But then there’s Madison Square Garden as well. Even when the teams are not doing so well, you know you will get to see some of the highest-paid players in any sport. New York just has to be experienced. Even the Knicks have improved!

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