The Jakarta Music Festival is in August and it will be a great moment for music lovers to watch their favourite artists perform. However, certain points need to be considered while attending the music fest. Below are a brief suggestion:

Ticket prices = experience

In the Jakarta music festival events the ticket prices is directly related to the experience you get. The price tag determines your backstage access, entrance time and view of the stage. Even you can avail special packages like attending two events, the transportation and hotel vouchers.

Before the event begins

Before the event starts you can purchase official merchandise or go to toilet. Some of the events also arrange for booths for fans that is dedicated to give gifts to the artists. You can do the gifting thing too before the event begins.


Pay good attention to the schedule as the events run for two to three days and you have to decide to see which performers. It is better if you purchase a pass for all the days.

Avoid carrying prohibited items

All the events have a list of prohibited items and they urge the audience not to carry those. The list may include water bottles, cameras, perfume bottles and sharp objects.


Beware of pickpockets at the events as they are available everywhere. Carry only the necessary items in a small bag so that you can keep a good eye on it. In open opera it is suggested to bring raincoat and hat.