Corona Virus

Due to continuously increasing cases of coronavirus in India, the central government has decided on Tuesday to bar the entry of nationals from Spain, France, and Germany. The government has decided to cancel the visa/e-visas granted to these nationals to date.

Previously the central government canceled the visas of nationals coming from Iran, South Korea, Italy, and Japan. The government canceled the visas granted to these nationals on or before March 3. The ban is for people who had not entered the country yet. 

The government has made similar restrictions on the nationals of China. Visas of nationals who have received their visa on or February 5, 2020. The advisory also suspends the visa of people who have traveled to countries at higher risk of coronaviruses like China, South Korea, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, and Iran, and Japan. 

For Indians planning to travel abroad, the government has asked people to cancel traveling to nations that are at higher risk of the coronavirus. The ministry said that around 100 countries across the globe have cases of coronavirus. 

The government has asked Indians to avoid unnecessary travel abroad. They are strongly advised to cancel traveling to Italy, South Korea, Germany, Spain, France, China, and Iran. According to the Union Health Ministry of India, so far, 50 confirmed cases of coronavirus have been reported in India, and among these cases, 16 are Italians. 

Globally, there are more than 110,000 thousand reported cases of coronavirus. In addition to this, the number of deaths due to coronavirus is around 4000. More than 100 countries have reported the case of coronavirus, and the number of registered cases are continuously increasing.