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Bot Attacks Have Continued Since Dec 2015 To LinkedIn Profiles


Lately LinkedIn thieves have come to notice who steals data from the platform by using a massive “botnet.” They have stolen personal information like skills, interests, educational background, summaries, professional awards, photographs and other such related information from the profiles of users, reveals a new lawsuit.

Earlier this week the LinkedIn filed federal suit in Northern California US District Court in an effort to uncover the perpetrators.

The suite writes that unknown persons and/or entities have employed various automated software programs since last year December and have managed extracting data from many pages on the platform and are distributing to others.

LinkedIn adds the attackers have used the technology of data scrapping in an illegal way, breaking array of federal and state laws.

The professional social giant platform further said the actions of attackers have violated trust with members for being unable to protect information.

The company said. “LinkedIn will suffer ongoing and irreparable harm to its consumer goodwill and trust, which LinkedIn has worked hard for years to earn and maintain, if the … conduct continues.”

Currently the platform has about 128 million members in the United States and over 400 million global members.

However, in the filing the social company didn’t reveal how many users have been compromised with the stealing of data.

The lawsuit was filed on August 8 and court hearing is pending.

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