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Getting bored? Or Want to find something creative? A single platform and a complete package of entertainment and information “Instagram” can fix these problems. This article will provide you the best Instagram tips and some Instagram tricks. As you all know, Instagram is one of the biggest media sharing services on the planet. Instagram has grown a lot with time. It has overpowered a large number of competitors in the market and has become the top-ranked social media platform.

Instagram is user friendly, and you can easily use this application if you are new to Instagram. Instagram is also a great platform for independent artists and content creators; daily, millions of posts get uploaded. Many people have achieved a lot  in their life with Instagram’s help as it provides a good audience and a great platform for your content. 

Almost a billion people use Instagram and enjoy its amazing features. Instagram offers you a wide range of functions. Initially, it was used to share photos only, but now you can enjoy many features. Texting and video calling also makes your connectivity better with your family, friends, partners, etc. 

However, there are many Instagram tips that you do not know which are very easy and helpful. Most Instagram users are unaware of many great features of Instagram. They only use the basic features. Few tricks and life hacks will help you enjoy Instagram more, and you can also suggest this article to your friends so they can also know about these tips. 

Best Instagram tips and tricks of 2020 

Everyone loves Instagram because of its simple and amazing features; although facebook is also a great platform for uploading pictures. So here is a list of the best tips for Instagram: 

Disable Activity Status for Direct Messages

A few days back, Instagram introduced a feature that allows users to see if someone is online or not. The other person can see when you were online or last active on Instagram’s direct message (Dm). Whatsapp also has this feature, which shows online and last seen to the users; the same has Instagram introduced. 

However, if you do not like this feature and like to enjoy your privacy, luckily there is a solution for this feature, you can turn off the activity status. You need to follow this simple procedure.

  • Go to profile
  • Then select the option feature.
  • And finally, disable the “show activity status.” 

This feature is also available on WhatsApp, you can check the online and last seen. It’s a two-way feature so if you do not want others to see your activity status and you disabled it, you also would not see the others.  

Schedule Posts 

Private accounts and normal public accounts can not use this feature easily. Schedule post feature is available for business profiles only, but this is not a problem as you can easily change your account to the business one.  

To convert your profile into business, select the options page on Instagram, and tap on the “Switch to Business Account” option. Further, you have to connect your Facebook account with your Instagram. Once you are done with that, you have successfully changed your profile to a business profile. 

Once you have switched your profile to a business profile, you can easily use Instagram’s schedule post option. This scheduling of posts is the same as the Hootsuite, which is the most popular social media platform that is used to schedule posts. You can add up to more than three posts to the schedule post option. 

This Instagram tip is very helpful in saving your time, you can schedule your post so in case your are not available at the time of post it can get uploaded automatically. 

Unique Fonts To Your Instagram Bio 

Instagram bio is the first thing that exhibits in your profile, so you must keep your bio up to date. A good Instagram bio can be a key to make your profile stand out from the crowd by using emojis and links to your sample work. These little things add information and charm to your Instagram bio. 

You can add cool and some very unique fonts on your bio to make your profile better. You can do this process with a well-known website called “Lingojam.” When you open this website, you will see a square text box on the screen to enter the text according to your preference. Applying beautiful and favourable fonts is an amazing Instagram tip that is not very basic and very less knows about things, so go on the website and make your bio creative. 

When you copy the text form the website box and place it in your bio, you can see that that same bio with new font styles appears on the other text box. Then you can copy the beautifully chosen text from that text box and paste it into the bio sector of your Instagram profile. 

Save Instagram Stories

Sometimes you like the stories of other people, and you want to save those stories. But you can not save them, yes? Instagram does not allow you to save the stories, and also, you can not take screenshots without notifying the user. However, there is a good solution for your desires. You can save the stories from Instagram with the help of an application. 

First, you need to download the “story saver for Instagram,” open that application, and log in with your account. After the login, the app will show you all your followings’ stories, and you can yap in the stories to download them. This Instagram tip can help you save the stories of your friends so you can recall them later.

Story saving can be quite difficult for ios device users. First, they need to download the “story reposter” app from iTunes. Open this app and search your followings and then tap on any story and download it. This app is developed for ios users so that only ios users can use this app. 

Final Words

Instagram is a great platform for everyone. It is a complete package of entertainment and information, and a large number of people use this application worldwide. It is also one of the most popular platforms for teenagers; however parental guide is a must for such platforms.

This article has mentioned some of the best Instagram tips, which generally people do not know. So you can read this article to learn some of the best and unique Instagram tricks. 

You can tell these tips and tricks to your friends, family, and partners to enjoy the benefits of these options from which you are not aware of. If they need to know more about Facebook and Twitter, you can share this article with everyone.