Companies That Hire Felons

It is very difficult for a “Felon” to integrate with the social ones they were part of. Many companies do not hire people with a criminal record. Though the government is trying its part and letting companies ease its laws and policies and let qualified people with “felons” join the company. After years of struggle, some companies are willing to let people with “felon” records join their company. In this article, we will discuss some companies that hire felons.
These companies let people with “felon” records join their company and let then finally become a part of society. These companies are known as “Felony-Friendly.” You can read this article to know about these companies.

A company that is ‘FELONY-FRIENDLY.’ 

In ‘felony-friendly’ companies, companies or employers willingly let people with felony records get a job in their company. Most of these companies put a condition before hiring people with felons on their records. Many companies that are Felony friendly have policies omit, so people with “serious felonies” get disqualified automatically.

Categories that come in serious Felony are written down below: 

  • Rape
  • Sodomy 
  • Destructive explosions like bombs, grenades, etc.
  • Robbery
  • Arson
  • Child pornography 
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder 
  • Mayhem
  • Attempted murder 
  • Kidnapping
  • Theft with firearms 

It’s understandable why a company will not hire a person with serious felonies in their company but in some sense, they are trying their best to integrate people with a record of serious Felonies.


With a felony on your record, it will decrease your odds of achieving your goals. It will become a roadblock in your life and stop you whenever you decide to move forward. But with time, society and companies are thinking about moving forward with everyone, even people who have made mistakes in the past.
Right now, there are several jobs that one can of who have a felony in their recode. Many companies have taken the initiative to make room for people to change and finally come back as law-abiding citizens.
Honestly is the best policy, and while applying for a job, you should be clear about your background. Companies do a background check. If it turns out that you haven’t been clear about your background, they will not let you; that’s why experts say honesty is the best policy.

4 Companies Currently Hiring Felons


<strong>APPLE INC<strong>

A world-famous company, known for its premium design and technology, Apple. They make electronic devices like Mobile, Pad, Laptop, etc. They have world-famous devices called iPad, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Apple watch, etc.

They have a range of smart home products like Apple Tv 4k, Apple MagSafe Duo Cargador, HomePod Mini, and Apple AirTag.

There are around 154,000 numbers of workers in the whole world. They desire qualified people to join their company.


<strong>DELTA AIR LINES INC<strong>

Delta Air Lines is part of the biggest airlines and their headquarters is in Georgia, Atlanta. They are travelers and transports, and their destination is all around six continents.
They provide servers to families, animals, individuals, professionals, honeymooners, and children. They have around 80,000 workers all around the world. 

The company has hired people with felony records in their company. They provide around $31,146 annual income to their implores. There are many grown opportunities available in this career.


<strong>DAVES KILLER BREAD<strong>

In the United States, Dave Dahl is part of the popular companies that provide consumer goods. They provide multiple ranges of bread like Dave’s Thin-Sliced Good Seed, Dave’s Thin-Sliced White Bread, Dave’s Thin-Sliced 100 Percent Whole Wheat Bread, and Dave’s Thin-Sliced Power seed. 
People love them for their loaf and they provide with best in quality taste, flavor, quality, and nutrition.
If you love baking and looking for a job, then there is a job opportunity for you to start your life and live as you want to.


<strong>GENERAL ELECTRIC<strong>

General Electric is a household name at this point because of the number of years it has provided election goods to its customers. Companies provide consumers with aircraft engines, electrical equipment and Electronic equipment. 

General Electric provide goods that are manufactured by different industries. They hire people regularly and expand their workforce. They are also felony friendly company. They provide jobs to people with a background Felony so they can start their new life. 

If you want to start a new life and work hard to achieve a different future, you can apply for a job. They also provide people with internships, and they can give you experience that you might lack. 

They offer good competitive pay and different benefits to its employee. With a reputed company like this, if you join them, it will only benefit you in the future. 

Some FAQ 

Q- Mention the companies that hire felons.

Ans. Companies like Apple, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Dave’s Killer Beard, and General Electric are some of the big companies that allow you to move forward. 

Q- Can a person with a serious Felony join a company?

Ans. It becomes very difficult for a person to get a respectable job if he or she has committed a serious Felony. 


The above companies are willing to hire people with a Felony background and provide people with a new beginning. You get a chance to get your life together, and companies that hire felons are doing their best and understand the value of moving forward together with everyone. 
You can apply for companies that hire felons and get yourself a start. Companies like Apple, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Dave’s Killer Beard, and General Electric are some of the big companies that allow you to move forward.