When Steve Jobs said every once in a while a revolutionary product comes that changes everything, very few of us realized at the time, about a decade ago when the co-founder first pulled iPhone from Apple’s bag of technological tricks, the world shifted fundamentally.

The words were Jobs were not an empty boast and the magical product has traveled ten long successful years. It reshaped culture and had shaken up industries on the way. It put computers in billions of pockets and users can simply do just anything with some simple taps on a screen.

The first iPhone sported a 3.5-inch screen, featured a browser to surf web on-the-go and came equipped with built-in apps to check emails and get directions.

Since the debut year the iDevice giant has sold over 1 billion iPhones and has inspired other technology companies to come up with similar smartphones. It spawned millions of mobile apps too.

People used iPhones and other similar smartphones to find best deals while shopping in stores, to know where one is going, to share photos and video with family and friends, and to pay for stuff while buying.

The phones have been used monitor health, find next jobs, tune instruments, hail a ride, and what not, simply anything and everything.

After ten years phones have become smarter than before and those can even talk back to users via digital concierges like the recently introduced Assistant on Google’s Pixel or the birth of iPhone’s Siri some two years back.

The current CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, boasted similar to Steve Jobs on its website mentioning iPhone is an essential part of our lives.