Over the last few years in particular, social media has become a lot more visual – with more focus on photos and videos than any other types of content. If you are looking to improve the photos that you upload to social media, there are a few simple ways that you can create much better photos overall:

• Don’t put the subject in the center

It may seem counterintuitive but as much as most people place the subject of their photos in the center of the frame that actually makes for less attractive photos. Try experimenting and putting the subject in the left or right third of the frame and learn about the rule of thirds to figure out how best to position your subject along with the other elements in the frame.

• Play around with different perspectives

The majority of photos are taken from the eye level of the photographer – and while that is perfectly fine, you’ll find that snapping photos from different angles can change the perspective immensely. In particular you may want to try taking photos from extremely low (near ground level) or extremely high to get interesting photos.

• Pay attention to the backdrop

Although the subject is undoubtedly the focus of your photo, the backdrop matters too. Depending on your choice of backdrop you could create an interesting contrast, provide a sense of scale, or even create other intriguing effects. While you may not have full control over everything in the background, framing your shot from different angles can affect what elements appear in it, and how close they are to the subject.

Make no mistake there are countless other photography tricks that could help you to snap better photos for social media, but those 3 definitely rank near the top of the list. Apart from that it would also be a good idea for you to try your hand at photo editing so that you’re able to edit your photos and make sure they look perfect before you upload them. Assuming you’re not sure how to get started, Movavi Photo Editor should be all that you need.

Essentially Movavi Photo Editor is a very singular photo editor that is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. It will distill and simplify photo editing so that it is easy for even a complete beginner to get into it without requiring any prior experience or having to go through a steep learning curve.

Although Movavi Photo Editor is so easy to use, it will definitely have everything you need to edit your photo in any way that you require. That includes improving the photo quality, fixing common problems, applying artistic filters, transforming the frame and orientation, and much more.

In fact Movavi Photo Editor will even let you directly alter the composition of your photos by removing any objects or elements that are unwanted. If you like you could delete the entire background as well, and replace it with a new image of your choosing.

If you like to snap lots of portraits or selfies for your social media feed then Movavi Photo Editor has a slew of tools that could prove useful. It will enable you to touch up your make up, or even apply digital eye-liner, mascara, blush, lip tint, and much more.

Suffice to say you will have a lot of options as to how you can edit your photos with Movavi Photo Editor. On your part all you need to do is decide which features you need, and then apply them – which should take no more than a few minutes at most.