Whole fried fish is famous in many countries including Honduras. It is most popular on the North Coast, the South Coast and near Lake Yojoa. Anywhere that you can find a plentiful supply of fresh fish, you will see a smattering of small Honduran cassatas, or restaurants serving Fried Fish.

This method of preparation allows for more of the fish to be eaten with fewer bones, and less wastes that filleting the fish. A good Honduran would probably say that it also adds extra flavor to have the eyes in there.

Fried Fish is often served by size, with four or more different prices in a busy fish stand, to accommodate all appetites.

Here’s a specific recipe:

Take a fish, alive or recently dead. Check your local markets, or waterfront areas. Use a knife to scrape all the scales off. Remove fish guts through a slit in the belly.

Get some oil hot in a big crusty black pot or kettle. I believe the term is “hot but not smoking.” The fish is then fried mercilessly in hot oil.

The result is delicious flaky meat that can be pulled off of the bones. The tail and fins, as well as the cute little face with teeth can be left right where they are. Flip the fish over the get the other side.