who invented blow up dolls

Have you ever wondered about who invented blow up dolls? You might be surprised to know that these inflatable companions have been around for longer than you think. In this article, we’re going to dive into the truth and facts behind who invented blow up dolls. From their early beginnings to modern-day varieties, we’ll explore how they’ve evolved over time and how they became a cultural phenomenon. So sit back, relax, and let’s get started on this fascinating journey.

Who Invented Blow up dolls?

The first recorded use of a blow-up doll was in a French book called “La Vie de Marianne” published in 1748. The book is a story about a woman who lives in Paris and her many lovers. One of her lovers, a Marquis, gives her a “dame de pique” or “lady of cards” which is described as a life-size doll made of linen that can be inflated with air. It is unclear if this was the first time a blow-up doll was used or if it was just the first time it was recorded.

Some people believe that the modern blow-up doll was invented by Swiss doctor Rudolf Diesel in 1892. Diesel designed a rubber and canvas bag that could be filled with air and used as a life raft. He patented his design, but it is unclear if he ever actually made any dolls with his invention.

The first commercially available blow-up doll was created by the German company Beate Uhse AG in 1958. The company originally sold sex toys and other erotic items through the mail and catalogs. The dolls were originally meant to be used as mannequins for window displays, but customers started asking if they could buy them. Beate Uhse AG began selling dolls as sex toys and they quickly became popular.

Did Adolf Hitler make the blow-up dolls?

Adolf Hitler is one of the most controversial figures in history. His name is synonymous with evil, and his actions led to the deaths of millions of people during World War II. However, there are some who believe that Hitler also had a hand in inventing blow-up dolls.

The theory goes that Hitler was interested in creating realistic sex toys for his troops to use while they were away from home fighting the war. He supposedly commissioned a German company to create prototype dolls, which were then tested by Nazi soldiers.

There is no definitive proof that Hitler actually invented blow up dolls, but the rumor persists. Whether or not the story is true, it’s clear that Hitler was a deeply disturbed individual with a twisted view of sexuality.

What is the blow up doll known as today?

Today, the blow-up doll is known by many names, including the love doll, sex doll, and an inflatable doll. These dolls are designed to look and feel like real humans, and they are often used for sexual purposes. Some blow up dolls even have artificial intelligence and can talk and moan.

Some Interesting facts

Some Interesting Facts are given below:

  • The earliest known blow-up doll was created in Germany in the early 1800s.
  • These early dolls were made of rubber and were used as medical devices to relieve pain in women during childbirth.
  • In the early 1900s, Japanese companies began mass-producing these dolls for use as sex toys.
  • Blow-up dolls became popularized in the West during the 1960s by Playboy magazine, which featured them in several spreads.
  • Today, blow-up dolls are widely available and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.


In conclusion, who invented blow up dolls? The invention of blow-up dolls has been a source of controversy and intrigue for decades. While there are many theories as to the originator, it is still unknown who exactly invented them. What we do know is that they have become an iconic part of popular culture, being featured in films, TV shows, music videos, and more. No matter who originally created them, it’s clear that blow-up dolls continue to fascinate people all over the world. We may never truly know who invented them but one thing’s for sure – their legend lives on.