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Many people believe that doing yoga during the time of morning is the best time, but if you are a night owl and doing morning yoga is not suitable for you in any case whatsoever, then it is not a valid reason to not perform yoga at all. Although certain benefits performing yoga with an open mind in the morning provides but that doesn’t mean that performing yoga during evening or night times will not be fruitful at all.

The basic criteria that you should keep in mind while choosing the right time to perform yoga are that you must choose a time that you can fit in your schedule and can wholeheartedly follow. The actual time that you choose in this matter depends upon your lifestyle which is highly influenced by your age, for instance, if you are a kid then you probably already have time to do yoga in the morning but if you are a parent and you have kids it is best to do yoga at a time when you are free from all of your current responsibilities and are able to perform yoga without being disturbed. Today, we will be talking about the two most famous times to perform yoga, yoga in the evening time, and morning yoga. We will discuss several pros and cons of each of them so that you can make a valid decision after reading this:

Pros of Morning Yoga

Energetic throughout the day

In the case of many people whenever the alarm goes off and they have to wake up just before the alarm there is sudden pain in the body. Body pain cannot be treated appropriately but it can be highly minimized If yoga is performed after waking up in the morning.

Improve your metabolism

Performing yoga in the morning can give a boost to your metabolism and can keep your blood sugar levels at an appropriate amount. As per many studies, it has also been determined that performing during the morning is a much better way to boost metabolism when compared to performing exercises. Apart from increasing metabolism, it also reduces blood sugar levels and enhances the digestive system.

Do not have to worry about performing yoga throughout the day

We can all admit that despite all the advantages that yoga provides to our health, performing yoga regularly still is a task that is very difficult for most people and in this scenario if you have already performed yoga in the morning, you do not have to worry about forgetting it or remembering it during the day which makes for a higher efficiency throughout the day.

Cons of Morning Yoga

Not suitable for night owls

It is not much of a brainer that if you are not a morning person and find it difficult to wake up early in the morning you will most likely fail to Perform yoga on regular basis and your urge of not to waking up will become a reason for you to not perform yoga daily.

Stiff body

In the morning, your muscles and joints would be highly stiff and cold which means performing complicated poses can lead to a potential health injury.

The benefits of performing yoga in the evening

Your body is ready

As mentioned above in the disadvantages of morning yoga, your muscles are more flexible and warmer during the evening time which reduces the risk of injuries by performing yoga.

Helps in digestion

Performing yoga during the evening can be really helpful in digesting the food that has not been digested throughout the day and this particular advantage is considered very important for people with additional digestive disorders.

Better sleep

It has been scientifically proven that yoga triggers the parasympathetic nervous system and to perform yoga during the evening it will help you let go of all the anxiety and rush that you have had throughout the day which will lead to a night of better sleep.

Higher energy

Studies show that most people have higher endurance levels during late in the day, which means the overall physical effort that you will be able to put in performing yoga will increase which will result in better performance.

Cons of performing yoga during night

Hyperactive thoughts

During performing yoga, it is important to concentrate and relax but as your mid wonders throughout various emotions during the day it becomes highly difficult to concentrate and people often get easily distracted by their thoughts.

Sleep distraction

Yes, we have said that yoga will help you get a night of better sleep if performed in the evening but in some other cases, it can disrupt your sleep. As many people tend to go to sleep early as they are tired but performing yoga relaxes their body which can somehow disrupt their sleep timing

The actual decision on which time to take for performing yoga will depend upon your individual choices but we highly recommend you to choose the morning time as the advantages of performing morning yoga are much superior to those of performing evening yoga but regardless of your situation if you cannot perform yoga in the morning it is not a valid reason to avoid performing yoga at all. Take some time out in the evening to do so, because the advantages of yoga are very helpful and can really lead you to a happy life.

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