How Much Do Shrooms Cost- Tech Preview

Magic mushrooms, also known as “shrooms,” are popular drugs that make people see and feel things differently. Even though they are against the law in most places, people still manage to get them on the black market. In some parts of the US, it is not as bad to use them so that more people can get their hands on them.

Because there are not many rules about selling them, it is tough for some people to know how much money they should pay for shrooms. In this guide, you will find out how much shrooms usually cost, what things make the price change, and how to get them for less money in your area.

How Much Do Shrooms Cost

The price of magic mushrooms can be different, but usually, one tiny piece (called a gram) costs about $10. Sometimes, you might find it for $7, and the most you will pay is about $12.

Many people buy more, like three and a half grams. That is around $32.

If you use them often and buy more, here is how much you might spend:

  • A bit more than three grams (that is called an eighth): $32
  • Seven grams (a quarter): $60
  • Fourteen grams (a half): $100
  • Twenty-eight grams (a whole ounce): $200
  • Lots of them (a pound, which is 454 grams): $2,400

What Makes Magic Mushroom Prices Go Up or Down

The prices we talked about earlier are what most people pay for shrooms. However, a few things can change the price a lot. Here are the biggest reasons:

Where You Live and If Shrooms Are Legal

In most places, it is against the law to have shrooms. So, if you want them, you usually have to buy them from a person who sells them secretly. Because there are not many rules, the prices can go up and down, but they usually do not get too expensive because there are a lot of these special mushrooms around.

However, in some places like Canada, Washington State, California, Colorado, and a few other states, shrooms are not as illegal, so that you can find them in some stores and online. Since they are easy to find in these areas, they do not cost as much. You might pay 10–30% less for shrooms in cities or states where they are not super illegal.

How Much You Buy

As you saw before, when you get more shrooms at once, it can be cheaper. If you buy a small amount, you might pay up to $12 for one tiny piece. But if you get an eighth, which is more, it is about $9 for that small piece. If you go all out and get a whole pound, it costs more upfront, but each tiny piece only costs about $5.50.

Different Kinds of Shrooms

There are many magic mushrooms, and they do not all have the same stuff that makes you feel different. The most common one is Psilocybe cubensis, but there are others. You are probably looking for cubensis unless you are a big shroom expert. Even among cubensis, there are different types called strains.

Each strain of magic mushrooms has a different effect and strength. Two common strains are Penis Envy and Golden Teachers.

Golden Teachers are more popular, and they help set the average price we talked about before. Penis Envy shrooms are much stronger, so they can cost 1.5 to 2 times more for one tiny piece.

Different Ways to Have Magic Mushrooms

Usually, people eat dried magic mushrooms to feel their effects. However, now, in some places where they are not as against the law, you can find other ways to use them.

The prices we talked about are for dried mushrooms, which are the cheapest option. However, some people can get things like chocolate with magic mushrooms inside, teas, drinks, candy, tinctures, and other snacks.

Dried mushrooms are still the most affordable way to get shrooms. However, when you have things like chocolate or snacks with mushrooms, they can cost more for the same amount of the stuff, which makes you feel different.

It is hard to say exactly how much you pay for the stuff that makes you feel different because it can be very different from one mushroom to another.

How Can You Get Shrooms for Less Money

The most affordable way to have shrooms is by finding them in the wild, like picking them in the forest. However, for most folks, this is not safe. The next best choice is to grow them at home. However, this means spending some money at the beginning, and it takes about 2 months before you can collect your first batch of shrooms.

Here are different ways to get shrooms, starting from the least costly to the most costly.

Finding Magic Mushrooms in Nature

Magic mushrooms, the ones that make people see things differently, grow naturally in many places, especially in the United States.

The southeastern part of the country, where it is warm and wet, is the best place to look for these mushrooms. They usually grow in places with damp air and in areas with many plants or on cow poop.

The least expensive way to get magic mushrooms is to find them in nature. It only takes a few hours of your time.

Magic mushrooms can be found all over the world. If you know what to search for, you can spend an afternoon collecting more magic mushrooms than you need.

However, being “cheap” does not always mean it is a good idea, especially when it is something you want to eat. Picking magic mushrooms from the wild is risky unless you already know a lot about mushrooms. And even if you do, it is easy to make mistakes.

There are many mushrooms out there that look like magic ones but can make you very sick, so it is not a good plan for most people.

Growing Your Own Magic Mushrooms

The next way to get magic mushrooms without spending too much is to grow them yourself. You will need to buy some equipment, particular dirt, and tiny things called spores to start, but after that, it does not cost much to keep them growing.

You can find magic mushroom spores on the internet from places like Sporeslab or Spores 101, and they are not too expensive. You use these spores to start growing mushrooms in jars filled with special dirt, and they will make many mushrooms.

Getting the equipment you need is easy, and you can even buy kits that have everything ready for you to begin right away.

Growing mushrooms is not too hard, but it takes some time to learn how to do it right. In the end, you will spend much less on new dirt, and if you can keep your first spores growing, you will have lots of mushrooms without spending a lot.

The cost of equipment and spores can vary, but you can probably start growing for around $100 for the equipment and $30 to $60 for spores. With that, you can get a few batches of mushrooms, and each batch can give you 20 to 200 grams of dried mushrooms.

Getting Magic Mushrooms from Sellers

Lastly, you can get shrooms from a person who sells them or a company if you live in a place where they are not super against the law. However, as time goes on, this might cost more compared to the other ways, although it does not take much of your time.

There are some risks when you buy magic mushrooms from a secret seller. While it is very uncommon, some sellers might mix them with other strong stuff like LSD or PCP to make them more powerful.

It is important to buy your shrooms from someone trustworthy if you can. You can check if the magic mushrooms are pure, just like you can for other things, so you have to trust that the seller or grower you are getting them from is being honest and not doing anything tricky.

Conclusion: How Much to Spend on Magic Mushrooms

On average, one tiny piece of magic mushrooms costs about $10. However, a few things can change that price, so most people pay between $7 and $12 for each tiny piece. It depends on the kind, how many you get, the rules in your area, and how you buy them.

You can save money if you go looking for magic mushrooms in the wild or grow them yourself. However, picking them in the wild can be risky, and growing them takes a lot of time. Buying them is the more expensive way, but it is safer than picking them yourself and easier than growing them.

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