The number of vapers in the US stands at nine million and growing. That’s a lot of people, but in a country of 332 million, it is fair to say that vapers are still in the minority. If you are among them, you will know that life isn’t always fair and sometimes the non-vaping majority decides that there are times and places where vaping is not allowed, or at least where it is frowned upon.

Stealth vaping is the noble art of getting one over on the non-vaping oppressors. There are some famous stealth vapers about, including sports star Venus Williams and America’s own slice of royalty Prince Harry, who has admitted to stealth vaping at royal ceremonies.

Joining their number is simply a matter of the right vape, the right technique and the right blend of bravado and cunning.

A CCELL is the ideal stealth vaping device

In the early days of vaping, it was hard to be stealthy about it. The clouds were on a par with an old steam locomotive, and the vapes themselves looked like those horrific fountain pens from the 1970s. It was impossible to do anything stealthily.

Today, it is a different story. How about a pod-style vape is so small you can conceal it in the palm of your hand? CCELL have some cool designs in a variety of colors. You could also consider the CCELL disposables. They are slightly longer, but models like the Pike and the Ridge are very slim, and so still rank high on the discretion scale. They still have the CCELL technology inside, meaning easier control and consistency. Both vital considerations for stealth vaping!

Work on your stealth vaping technique

With a small and discreet vaping device, you are halfway there as a stealth vaper, as you can subtly inhale from your vape without being noticed. The rest is a matter of technique and common sense. Here are a few guidelines:

  1. Try to resist taking a deep draw. The less vapor you inhale, the less there is to exhale.
  2. Hold in the vapor for longer. This allows it to start oxidizing away, so there is less to exhale. If you can hold it in for 30 seconds and combine it with tip one, then if you gently exhale through the nose, it will barely be noticeable.
  3. Avoid strong-smelling flavors. Lavender and citrus might be refreshing but they are also noticeable. Menthol, on the other hand, is less likely to draw attention.
  4. Choose your time and place. Select the right moment and location for an inconspicuous vape. For example, at a dinner party, the dining table is no place for stealth vaping, but when everyone is getting up to go and take a more comfortable seat, you can use the opportunity to step aside for a moment. [GU1] 
  5. Cover your lights! Some vaping devices have LEDs, so practice placing your fingers in just the right place to cover them when taking a puff.

 Use you stealth vaping powers responsibly

As Spiderman told us, with great power comes great responsibility. Stealth vaping is a useful ability when you find yourself in an environment where vaping is frowned upon, or when you just want to have a quick puff without drawing attention to yourself.

But use your stealth vaping powers advisedly. Never be tempted to try it in circumstances when vaping is specifically prohibited. Laws are there for a reason, and breaking them can have serious consequences, so don’t take the risk.