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Olive oil is very famous because it provides a large range of health benefits when it comes to cooking, but many people are not even aware of the fact that little bottle of olive oil in their kitchen can even be used for countless other purposes around their house and prove itself to be highly effective.

Obviously, some people will say that Olive oil is actually very expensive on its own, why would we use it for other purposes, the thing is you probably spend way more money on other things that olive oil could do and we are not at all suggesting you to use very expensive olive oil for this purpose. So, without wasting much time let’s start with very surprising uses of olive oil around your home:

Stop sticking in the kitchen

In your kitchen, you can use olive oil to release all the sticky foods like mustard, peanut butter, and honey quite easily whenever you are preparing a recipe using spoons and cups.

Shine stainless steel

Most people may be aware of this use as olive oil can be highly effective in cleaning stainless steel appliances that include almost everything at the spot of your kitchen. You can use a little bit of olive oil along with a soft cloth to rub all of those appliances and prevent any type of corrosion, termination, water spots, or streaks on those appliances.

Shine Boots and Shoes Again

Many people may not be aware of this advantage of olive oil but it is a fact that you can completely retain the shine of any pair of natural leather shoes or rubber shoes by using a little bit of olive oil on a soft cloth.

Protect razor blades

We can all admit that razor blades are highly essential but also very expensive and we would all want them to last longer and the biggest hurdle in achieving that is a large amount of Rust on them. In order to prevent that, you can use olive oil along with small cotton balls

Remove makeup

If you have to put up heavy makeup on your face for a special occasion and you have certainly not used any drying chemical, it is best to use olive oil to get rid of all the makeup and make sure that your skin is still soft after that. It is highly effective in removing mascara as it can easily moisturize dry lashes as well.

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