Conversion traffic is the most valuable type of traffic a website can have.

If you’re not familiar with what conversion traffic is, let me explain. Conversion traffic happens when a visitor at your website decides to purchase a product, results in an affiliate sale/lead, or whenever another desired action occurs as a result of the visitor being at your website.

Conversion traffic can be obtained using a number of methods. Webmasters can pay for advertising at other websites to help drive qualified traffic to their website. This type of advertising might be done using banner advertising or simple text link advertising. Both of these types of ads have been prominent on the internet over the years and are oftentimes cost effective to the advertiser, giving them exposure at a web address other than their own.

Internet advertisers also use Pay Per Click (PPC) as a way to drive potential conversion traffic to their web store. This method charges the advertiser any time their ad gets clicked by someone. Popular PPC programs include Google Adsense, Yahoo Online advertising services and MSN adCenter. These programs aren’t a “catch all” program, like banners and text link ads, and require the advertiser to create their ads based on a set of keywords they’re trying to convert into direct sales (or other desired action.) PPC can get costly if you don’t pay attention to your advertising campaign, but can also be very effective in sending traffic that converts to your website.

Another benefit of PPC is the ability to track your sales, the ability to easily determine your conversion and your return on investment. PPC programs typically offer advertisers more tools than other types of ad programs.

Natural traffic is another preferred way to drive conversion traffic to your website. Natural traffic is built by attaining search engine rankings and appearing in search engine results when a particular search phrase is entered into a search box.

Developing natural traffic is usually accomplished by employing SEO techniques such as link building, viral marketing and press releases.

Conversion traffic is by far the best type of traffic to have, since this is the type of traffic that always pays off, no matter how you decide to approach it.