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There’s no longer a reason why you would have an assistant in person. Most work is done in the digital environment, and a remote assistant can even have a courier (there are so many apps for this) pick up your clothes from dry cleaning or deliver your coffee. 

While the advantages of hiring a virtual assistant are clear, why would someone choose to become a virtual assistant? What are the advantages of working in this industry, and where can you go next? Here are some of the advantages of this career choice. 

  1. Great work-life balance

As a virtual assistant, you have a lot of responsibilities, but you’re also a freelance and remote worker. This means that you get to spend more time at home and, as an assistant, while you’ll be held accountable for your tasks, the bulk of responsibility falls on your employer.

This means you get to work from home and enjoy free time when you clock out. It might not sound like much, but it’s a privilege that a lot of people can’t enjoy in this day and age.

Also, remember that your boss hired you so they don’t have to deal with your tasks. In other words, you have so much autonomy in your tasks. As long as everything is done in time, no one will ask you any questions regarding your other responsibilities. 

Now, if you are a bit more ambitious and see the job of a virtual assistant as an entryway into the industry in question (which we’ll discuss briefly), most of these things won’t apply. Still, it’s good knowing that you have these extra options.

  1. Networking and career growth

As a virtual assistant, you can join an industry at an entry-level level and see what it’s all about. Some people undergo years of school and internship, only to learn that this is not something they would do for the rest of their lives. As a freelance virtual assistant, pivoting is easier since you’re not committing as much.

There’s also the networking aspect of it all. As an assistant, you get to meet various people from the industry. For instance, when working as a real estate virtual assistant, you’ll meet many appraisers, plumbers, electricians, general contractors, and buyers agents. So, if, at any point, you need any of their services, you know where to find them.

Then, while you will work on menial tasks, not all will be unrelated to the industry. Just point out to your employer that you have a willingness to learn. This way, you won’t just respond to emails and enter data into tables. You’ll also do research, prospect, and look for potential leads.

  1. Remote work

As a remote worker, you can find employment in countries halfway globally. This means that as someone working from a country in development, you can find a job that is better paying than even some of the top positions in your home country.

Second, it increases the security of the job market since all that matters is your CV. With each new employer and recommendation, the strength of your CV increases, and new opportunities are unlocked. The thing is that there’s an unlimited number of potential jobs available

As a remote worker, you also have a chance to become a digital nomad. Your location won’t tie you, but you can travel the globe while working. Just remember that digital nomadism isn’t the same as vacationing or tourism. You can’t just go on a random tour throughout the day or get off the grid for a few days. 

Also, if you’ve already worked remotely, transitioning into all the tools you’ll use as a remote worker won’t be that hard. You’ll still use the same communication tools, project management platforms, etc.

  1. Financial contribution

Some people put incredible hours into being virtual assistants, while some just put in a few hours here and there. This is why being a virtual assistant is great for those who don’t have too much time but still want to contribute.

Students, stay-at-home parents, and even people bored in their retirement can find work as virtual assistants to improve their financial standing slightly. Also, remember that these tasks put you in touch with people (if you’re not that big into online gaming), and some of the lifestyles listed can sometimes be pretty solitary. 

As we’ve already mentioned, if you’re not from a country with a particularly high living standard, it wouldn’t be surprising that this small financial contribution makes a huge difference in the household.

Also, remember that, as a remote worker, you have no commute expenses. As a virtual assistant, you work via a device you own and on the platform whose licenses are already paid by your employer and their agency. 

  1. Flexibility

Freedom of choice is one of the scarcest resources in the modern workplace, and when you decide to become a virtual assistant, you’ll have many options.

While you can use this employment as a first step into the business world, it doesn’t have to be that way. Being a virtual assistant is a legitimate profession, and you don’t have to have the ambition to go someplace else after it.

Of course, many people rejoice in the idea of working in their yoga pants, but, at the same time, you can dress up for work. Some people find themselves the most productive in full suit, no matter how impractical or unnecessary this may seem to some.

Lastly, you can customize your work environment and equipment however you see fit. These may be small cosmetic changes, but they may also be huge productivity-altering decisions. Either way, you have so much to choose from, and a lot of potential virtual assistants find this freedom to be most exciting. 

Wrap up

Becoming a virtual assistant is a low-commitment decision that has unlimited growth potential. Sure, it requires a lateral move, but the skills you acquire here, and your contacts are transferable into any other industry. This field also gives you much flexibility and freedom, which many value over money or career advancement. Either way, it’s a growing industry, and you may want to ride on this wave while you can.