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Trino Jenni Rivera Young Dating: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re single and looking for a new way to meet potential matches, you may have heard of Trino Marin dating. Unlike traditional dating apps, Trino Marin focuses on helping users find meaningful connections through meaningful conversations and shared experiences. But before you jump into the world of Trino Marin dating, there are some things you should know. In this article, we’ll explore all there is to know about Trino Marin, from how it works to tips for getting the most out of your experience. Read on to learn more!

Jose Trinidad Marin’s Profile

Jose Trinidad Marin’s Profile

Trino Marin’s full name is Jose Trinidad Marn, born on February 15, 1964 in Califoria, United States. His parents were both from Mexico and had immigrated to the United States before Trino was born. Trino grew up in a Spanish-speaking household and he is fluent in both Spanish and English.

Trino attended college at UC Berkeley where he studied architecture. He later worked as an architect in San Francisco for several years. In his free time, Trino enjoys playing tennis and he is an avid photographer.

Trino has been married twice. Marin married Trino Jenni Rivera Young when he was 20 years in 1984. They had three children two daughters named Jacquie and Chiquis and a son called Michael, together before divorcing in 2008. Afterwards, Chiquis got married to Lorenzo Mendez. Moreover, in 2017, his younger daughter, Jacquie, met him. 

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Quick Revision of his career

Full NameTrino Marin (Jose Trinidad Marin)
DOB15 February, 1964
Place of birthCalifornia, United States
Age 58
Nationality American-Mexican
Ex-WifeJenni Rivera
ChildrenChiquis Rivera (1985),
Jacqie Campos (1989),
Michael Marin (1991).
Net Worth1 million dollars
Relationship statusMarried
ProfessionCafé administrator

Relationship of Jose Marin and Jenni Rivera

Trino Jenni Rivera Young met Jose Trinidad Marin when she was only 16 years old. The pair hit it off immediately and began dating. Jose proposed to Jenni when she was 20, and they married a few months later in 1984. The two have been together ever since and have three children together. 

Jenni and Jose have had their ups and downs over the years but have always managed to stay strong through it all. In 2009, Jenni filed for divorce from Jose after he allegedly cheated on her with another woman. However, the pair reconciled soon after and remain married today.

Despite the challenges they’ve faced, Jenni and Jose remain one of Hollywood’s longest lasting couples. They are truly an inspiration to us all.

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Jose Trinidad Marin Career

Jose Trinidad Marin is a professional baseball player who has played for various teams throughout his career. He is currently a free agent.

Jose began his career with the New York Yankees in 2001. He played for the Yankees for three seasons before being traded to the Colorado Rockies in 2004. He spent one season with the Rockies before being traded to the Chicago Cubs in 2005. He spent two seasons with the Cubs before being traded back to the Yankees in 2007. He would spend parts of four seasons with the Yankees, before being traded to the Oakland Athletics in 2011.

He would play for the Athletics for two seasons before being released and signing a minor league contract with the Seattle Mariners in 2013. He would appear in one game for the Mariners that season, pitching one inning and giving up two runs. He became a free agent after that season and remained unsigned until 2015, when he signed a minor league contract with the Toronto Blue Jays.

He was released by the Blue Jays during spring training and did not play professional baseball again until 2016, when he signed a minor league contract with the Miami Marlins. He made one appearance for the Marlins that season, pitching one inning and giving up two runs before being released.

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Physical Appearance of Jose Marin

Jose Trinidad Marin is a 57-year-old man who weighs approximately 67kg and is 5 feet 10 inches tall. He was born on February 19, 1964, in California, United States. Marin grew up in San Juan and attended high school there. After graduation, he joined the United States Marine Corps and served for four years.

Marin began working as a model soon after returning to Puerto Rico. He has modeling experience in print, runway, and television commercials. In addition to modeling, Marin has also worked as an actor and producer. Some of his acting credits include the soap opera “Guiding Light” and the feature film “Hollywood Homicide.” He has also produced the films “Boricua’s Bond” and “Sangre de la Tierra.”

Jenni Rivera’s sister, Rosie, accused Jose Marin of abuse and assault in 1997. Jenni herself was also a victim of Jose’s abuse. In an interview with Univision, Jenni said that her ex-husband would hit her, pull her hair, and throw things at her. She also said that he once tried to run her over with a car. Thankfully, Jenni and her sister were able to get away from Jose and get the help they needed.

Children of Jenni Rivera and Jose Marin

Children of Jenni Rivera and Jose Marin

Jose Marin and Trino Jenni Rivera Young were married for two years before divorcing. They had three children together: Chiquis Rivera, Jacquie Compos, Michael Marin.

Chiquis is the oldest of the three siblings, and she has always been close to her father. She is a successful television personality and singer in her own right.

Jacqie is the middle child, and she has also followed in her parents’ footsteps by pursuing a career in music. She released her first album in 2017.

Michael Marin is the youngest of the three, and he has yet to find his niche. He currently works as a producer for his sisters’ musical projects.

Court-Martial of Jose Marin

The court announced Jose Marin’s sentence of 31 years in prison. The now ex-convict was convicted of first-degree murder and other charges in connection with the death of his girlfriend, Trino Marin.

The jury had deliberated for less than two hours before reaching their verdict on Monday. Marin showed no emotion as the judge read the verdict.

Prosecutors had argued that Marin was a jealous and controlling boyfriend who beat and strangled Trino Marin after finding out she had been dating other men. They said he then tried to make it look like she had killed herself.

The defense had argued that there was no evidence linking Jose Marin to Trino Marin’s death and that the prosecution’s case was based on speculation and conjecture.

In imposing the sentence, the judge noted Jose Marin’s lack of remorse and said he posed a danger to society.

Demise of Trino Jenni Revera Young

Trino Jenni Rivera Young was an American singer, songwriter, actress, television producer, spokesperson, philanthropist and businesswoman. She died on December 9, 2012 in a plane crash. In Monterrey, Mexico, the planes collided due to a minor engine issue. Six more passengers, including Jenni, were killed.

Who is Trino Marin married to now?

As of 2019, it is believed that Trino Marin is single and not married. This is based on the lack of any public information about him being in a relationship or married. However, given his relatively young age, it is possible that he could be married but keeping it private.


Trino Jenni Rivera Young dating is an exciting and unique way to meet someone special. If you are looking for a new and interesting experience, Trino Marin dating should definitely be on your radar. With the right attitude, you can make great connections with people from all walks of life and find potential matches that could eventually lead to lasting love. So don’t hesitate – give Trino Marin dating a try today.

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