Tragic Details About Alinity - Tech Preview

When we talk about streamers who do things that make people argue, many stories immediately think of Alinity. She’s known for some big issues, like problems with her cats, one of which fought back on video, and a recent incident in a restaurant. Because of this, she has a group of people who really don’t like her.

Today, she plays different video games and talks to her fans and some other streamers on her Twitch channel. She has more than 1 million followers, even though she streams less often than other streamers.

But, Alinity has faced many problems in her life. Because she’s quite controversial, she’s used to dealing with mean comments on the internet, especially since she’s a well-known female streamer. She has even said she thought about quitting streaming in the past.

These facts about Alinity’s life are sad, and the fact that some of them are connected to her online career makes her decision to keep streaming harder.

Alinity had to tell the police about some really obsessed fans

Being a famous streamer like Alinity can be risky. In May 2021, some people started bothering her in real life by showing up at her house uninvited. These troublemakers were watching her stream and giving out information about her home in her Twitch chat.

They even said they were at her windows. Alinity said they were just “bored kids” trying to be funny. But this experience made her very scared. Nobody likes dealing with people bothering them, whether it’s online or at their home. Many fans and other streamers supported her on Twitter.

Alinity reported this to the police, and that was the last anyone heard about it. Fortunately, she wasn’t physically hurt in the incident.

Alinity has been getting lots of scary threats

In March 2021, Alinity’s friend and fellow streamer, Mizkif, talked about how Alinity and other female streamers often get harassed on the internet. He said there are many guys who are obsessed and threaten women all the time, including some of his viewers’ female streamers.

Mizkif also said that it’s even worse for women who are disliked on the internet, especially those who had trouble before, like Pokimane and Alinity. He said it’s like they each have a collection of death threats at the police station, which is a scary thought. Since he’s close to these streamers, it’s hard to think he’s making it up.

Mizkif said this is the scariest part of streaming – the idea that someone can overrun your disturb and privacy your peace in such a horrible way. Sadly, this happens a lot to women streamers, as Mizkif pointed out.

Alinity has faced mental health challenges since she was 14

Alinity has been dealing with different mental health problems since she was 14, and she talked about her experiences on YouTube in 2017.

She started by sharing her battles with eating disorders, which began when she was a teenager. As she got older, she still struggled with how she saw her body, and even in 2018, she talked about her tough relationship with her body on Twitter.

Alinity said she thought her eating disorders were about control, and she also talked a lot about having bipolar disorder.

She also explained how her streaming and depression were connected, and she even cried while talking about it on camera. In the past, she talked about her depression and how she had thoughts of hurting herself when she addressed rumors about her and Dr Disrespect.

Alinity got the help she needed, and she has been very honest about using medicine and therapy to manage her mental health.

Streaming troubles caused Alinity’s mental health to get worse

Alinity has always been honest about her personal problems, but the world of streaming hasn’t always been easy for her. In 2020, an online argument with Ninja made things even tougher, and she shared her feelings in a very sad stream.

The internet argument was about some jokes on Twitter that they made about each other, and Ninja’s comments mentioned a previous cat controversy from a year before. Alinity thought this was a hurtful thing to do, especially because it seemed to make his fans target her.

She cried as she told everyone that she has to deal with many mean comments every day, and the argument with Ninja just added more. Alinity also said she thought about hurting herself because of all the bad stuff people say online. She also said she can’t escape from streaming because it’s how she makes a living.

After she talked about her feelings, Ninja and the others who were part of the argument deleted their hurtful tweets and said sorry to Alinity. She also said sorry for what she said to them and promised to do better in the future.

Alinity has been bullied for not speaking English perfectly

A lot of the mean things people say about Alinity are about her actions, but sometimes people are just cruel for no reason. Alinity grew up in Colombia, so English is not her first language. Even though she doesn’t have a strong accent, there have been problems because of this.

For example, in 2019, she was talking to someone named Nick on her stream and said, “Nick, your next prime is in the channel.” Some people on Twitter thought she used a bad word, but she didn’t. She explained that English is not her first language, and sometimes she mispronounces or mumbles words.

Some fans supported her, but others attacked her and tried to bring her down. Twitch didn’t ban her for this, so it seems they didn’t think she used a bad word.

People wanted her to leave Canada

Alinity, who’s originally from Colombia, now lives in Canada. She moved there to marry someone she met in a game called “World of Warcraft.” It might seem like she got Canadian citizenship through this marriage.

Alinity herself has said that she married her ex-husband to come to Canada. There’s a video where she and a friend are talking and laughing about her marriage and later divorce, which allowed her to stay in Canada. Because of this video, more than 16,000 people signed a petition asking for Alinity to be sent back to Colombia.

But Alinity went on Twitter to defend herself. She said the divorce happened because of something her ex did, and they separated on good terms. She explained that she didn’t ask for the divorce, he did. So, there’s no legal reason to deport her.

Alinity’s worry and fear stop her from making certain decisions

In April 2020, Alinity talked on Twitter about her choice not to have children. She mentioned that part of her decision is because she’s scared and anxious about something terrible happening to them. She asked if it’s strange to not want kids because of the fear of losing them and said she can’t imagine getting over something like that. She said sorry for the sad post but wanted to share her feelings and see if others felt the same way.

In her responses to others, she explained that she has really strong worries about the future and is always concerned about wrong happening. She’s also scared about romantic relationships and her pets. She’s so worried that she’s even afraid to let her pets go outside and is anxious about being outside herself.

Even though she doesn’t have to explain her choices to anyone, she mentioned that she really wants kids someday, but her high anxiety means it might take a while before that happens.

Some Questions

What happened to Alinity?

Alinity got banned from Twitch because she broke their rules, and she was unhappy about it. She even talked about leaving Twitch. She had been banned before in 2020 after a problem with her clothes during a stream.

Did Alinity get unbanned?

Alinity, who is one of the top female streamers on Twitch, was allowed back on the platform. This might be because she argued that the ban was unfair, and she hinted that she might try other streaming services.

What is Alinity known for?

Alinity, whose real name is Natalia Mogollon, is one of the most famous female streamers worldwide. She has about 1.3 million followers on Twitch and 355,000 followers on Instagram.

Why was Alinity criticized?

Some people accused her of mistreating animals on her stream. There were two incidents: one where she tossed her cat and another where she made the cat drink alcohol. Twitch didn’t punish her, but her reputation suffered.

Does Alinity have an OnlyFans account?

Despite some negative points, Alinity has become very successful and rich, largely because of her OnlyFans account. Interestingly, it wasn’t even her idea to start it. She has made a lot of money on OnlyFans.

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