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Skateboarding is getting popular throughout the world and because of this, there are tons of cheap skateboards in the markets. Many people usually do not have a look at the quality of the skateboards and just go for the once that are cheap but are those skateboards really durable and worth the price that they even pay for them. There are certain things that you need to consider before buying a skateboard that looks cheap. Apart from being considered a normal casual sports skateboarding is also gaining popularity in the world because there have been a large number of skateboarding tournaments where the prize money involved is really attractive, which leads people to get serious about their hobby of skateboarding.

If you think that you are getting a skateboard just to occasionally use it then getting a moderately priced one will not be a problem for you, but if you are really serious about skateboarding then a cheaper skateboard will not give you a good experience at all. If you are just casual skater than the cheapest skateboard will last longer for you and cost less which is the best thing that you can get, but if you are really serious then you might need to do it every single day or more often. If you get a cheap skateboard then the quality that you will get is way lower than some higher price skateboards and those will break down and become unusable after few uses which no one wants, because in the end, the total cost of getting a skateboard will end up costing more if you buy a cheap one in the beginning. When analyzing a skateboard for its quality to make sure that you see different parts of the skateboard.


The first thing you need to look in a skateboard is the wheels. If you find out that a skateboard is having plastic wheels, then keep walking and not buy that skateboard in any case because skateboard with plastic wheels will give you terrible experience and will not last long. On the contrary, you should get a skateboard on which the wheels are made up of urethane and not from rubber or plastic. The reason for this is that urethane can provide a higher grip when compared to rubber plastic which does not have any sort of control and will lead to a loss in balance.


After getting a look at those wheels you have to spin them and check if they are able to rotate freely. In most skateboards, the bearings are also attached with their rating and the better the rating is, the better those bearing will work in the long run. The best kind of reading that a bearing can have is ABEC 9 and the lowest quality of bearing is a ABEC 1 so have a look for that.

Trucks and deck

Trunks are also called the axles of the skateboard and the material used in making decks should be very steady. Apart from checking that the quality is good you also need to make sure that they are not so heavy because it will lead to the overall skate being heavy and you do not want a heavy skateboard.