The Perfect Valentine's Day Wine Gift

An array of gifts are available for those who enjoy a glass of wine. Gifts are available in a wide price range. Below are several different wine-related options to consider.

Red Wine or White Wine

One of the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts is a bottle of wine. A search of wineries and stores will have wine as low eight dollars and up. Price does not indicate quality. For those who want to search for a quality bottle of wine, the best alternative is to visit a winery where tastings take place. Occasionally wine shops also offer tastings.

Presentation is important. Attach a flower to the wine bottle with a decorative ribbon. For red wine use a white carnation and for white wine add a red flower. For a sentimental touch, when the wine is finished, add water and the flower to the bottle.

Using heart shaped paper, write a special note or poem and attach it to the bottle.

Grape Seed Oil and Flour

Grape seed oil and flour is an interesting concept. By using the seeds left from winemaking, a number of products have been produced including grape seed oil, flour and cosmetics. These special oils can be a great gift for anyone who enjoys cooking. It is possible to purchase a particular grape varietal oil or flour. Both are used as accents to the food and provide a gourmet touch to the meal. In the state of Washington, AprésVin sells an excellent selection of oils and flours to choose from.

Wine Gift Baskets

Discover a wine gift basket at a favorite winery. These usually come with one or two bottles of wine and most often there is a choice of wines. Ferrante Winery in Ohio offers a delightful wine basket selection.


A visit to a wine shop that sells wine equipment provides many ideas for a Valentine’s gift. Look for carboys, airlocks, wine kits, corks and wine bottles. Wine enthusiasts may also enjoy a subscription to Winemakers Magazine.


If a wine lover does not have a decanter or two this is a perfect idea. There are a variety of decanters. Choose between the large decanters that will hold a bottle of wine to the small aerators that fit the top of the bottle and allow air to mix with the wine as it is being poured. Riedel has a large decanter with a heart shape in the middle of it.

Winery Tasting Rooms Offer an Array of Gifts

Visiting winery tasting rooms can provide visitors with the opportunity to view numerous wine related items that many people would enjoy having in their home. We learned that a winery in Virginia offers a unique item sure to please a woman. This is a wine carrier that carries a wine bottle, corkscrew and there is room for lipstick. According to Holli Todhunter of Three Fox Vineyards, “They are one of our number one sales in our tasting room.” Consider purchasing wine bottles that are formed into an assortment of shapes including small cheese trays.

Visit a Winery for Valentine’s Day

Many wineries offer special Valentine’s Day events. Some offer a Valentine’s Day pairing of chocolate and wine. Others offer a winemaker’s dinner on the weekend. Check and see what a nearby winery is offering this year.

Take time to browse the assortment of wine related gifts available at an array of prices.