Throughout life we face an endless series of problems. Some are small and some are large. The total force of these problems on us is known as stress. Many neuroses, both mild and severe, are rooted in stress. This, in turn, produce tension, a disrupting emotional state.

When family life is unpleasant, the home may be a source of stress. Family friction is especially unfortunate because the family is the most important of our social institutions. The relationships in a family are necessarily close and personal. This produces a delicate situation that may lead to great happiness and security or to severe friction and tension. People today have been undergoing an enormous change in the standards of conduct and relations of parents to children and children to parents. This has resulted in friction in many families.

A person’s occupation is a frequent cause of further stress. Business today often involves tremendous pressure and the demands it places on people may easily become burdens. The worker in the factory feels the pressure of production schedules and the monotony of machines. The salesman must make his quota. The executive lives from one crisis to the next. Failure is depressing. Even success produces its share of stress and tension.

Social relationships add their share of stress to our lives. The inability to get along with other people is a common cause of failure in business or employment. This tragic condition may result from stress and, in addition, causes stress.

We cannot avoid stress entirely in our lives. But too much of it may lead to an abnormally neurotic condition. On the other hand, too little stress and a resulting lack of tension are also abnormal. A person who has never experienced tension may be calm, but he is also passive and ineffective because he refuses to face life and meet his obligations to himself and others, and strive for maximum effectiveness.

Symptoms Of Stress

Since all of us experience stress and resulting tension, many of the symptoms listed below will apply to you. Stress related mental anxiety can lead to neuroses.

Under tension, a person may:

• Feel depressed much of the time without knowing why.
• Have a pessimistic outlook and expect trouble.
• Magnify the seriousness of problems
• Have difficulty in getting along with other people and change his opinion of them frequently.
• Have a desire to run away from difficulty
• Dread facing new situations
• Hesitate to make new friends


In conclusion, stress has become a normal part of life for many people. It can be difficult to recognize when it starts to have an effect on your physical and mental health. Taking some time out for yourself, getting plenty of rest, exercise and eating a balanced diet can all help relieve the symptoms. Moreover, you can buy spinner rings online and use them to reduce your stress. If necessary seek professional help from therapists or doctors who may be able to provide strategies and support that will enable you to cope better with stressful situations in the future.