The mid-autumn festival is one of the most romantic Chinese festivals in calendars with a mixture of great food (i.e. mooncakes) and romantic lanterns. Here are a few ideas to spend a romantic evening celebrating this historical Chinese festival with your date.

1. Mid-Autumn Festival at the Chinese Garden

The Chinese Garden is an annual favorite haunt for couples to spend the evening on Mid-Autumn Festival. With wide and spacious greenery and a beautiful lake, the Chinese Garden provides the perfect setting for Mid-Autumn Festival. The garden is decorated with hundreds of lanterns of different shapes and sizes. Lanterns are usually provided to visitors to the garden too! There are carnivals and rides and games to accompany the festivity, which makes for a really wonderful night out amidst the romantic lights of the lanterns and their reflections off the lake. To top if all, there are firework displays to complete the entire celebration usually between 8-9pm.

2. Mid-Autumn Festival @ the Gardens

Admire beautiful lantern displays, catch performances, savour Chinese delicacies, and participate in riddles, competitions, and the nightly lantern walks at the Mid-Autumn Festival @ The Gardens 2013. Held from 13 – 22 Sep, 6pm to 11pm, the Gardens by the Bay should provide a very romantic backdrop for a wonderful celebration with your loved one.

3. Moonfest @ Esplanade

There are many different programmes and performances happening at the Esplanade during the mid-autumn festival season. We recommend performances at the outdoor theatre due to the romantic ambience against the Singapore bay. While the performances are not particularly ‘romantic’, it will still be a pretty fun time to spend an evening. The celebration stretches from 13 – 15 Sep 13 and more details of the various activities and performances can be found here.

4. Singapore River Festival

The Singapore River Festival is affectionately known as the largest sundown party in the city during the mid-autumn festival. There will be romantic bumboat parades, awesome shows and festivities along the Singapore River. It would be a great spot to bring your date to have a fun time during this season. The festival runs from 19 – 28 Sep 13 along Clarke Quay.

5. Lanterns and the Beach

And finally, for something a little less festive and bustling, you can buy some nice lanterns (battery-operated preferred due to winds at the beach) and enjoy a nice romantic stroll along any of the beaches of Singapore be it East Coast Park or Pasir Ris Beach. Pack along some mooncakes and cold drinks as a surprise if you wish and stop somewhere along the beach to have a snack. By the light of the lanterns eating delicious mooncakes and the sound of the waves before you, it makes for a perfect activity on mid-autumn festival.