Streamer Awards 2023- tech preview

The Streamer Awards 2023 have ended. Here’s all you need to know about QTCinderella’s yearly event and who won.

Many people now make a living by creating content, and they have award shows to celebrate their achievements. However, when it comes to streaming, the awards can sometimes seem less important.

That’s where QTCinderella and the Streamer Awards come in! The Streamer Awards is a special awards show that focuses only on streaming. It highlights the top creators from all live-streaming platforms.

The 2022 show was a big hit, with Ludwig, Pokimane, and iiTzTimmy winning major awards. The 2023 event followed in its footsteps. Let’s find out what happened.

All Streamer Awards 2023 categories and winners 

Watch Streamer Award 2023 full episode, here

Here are the winners and categories for the Streamer Awards 2023:

  • Best MMORPG Streamer – Asmongold
  • Best Battle Royale Streamer – iiTzTimmy
  • Best Valorant Streamer – Kyedae
  • Best Soulslike Streamer – MissMikkaa
  • Best League of Legends Streamer – Tyler1
  • Best Roleplay Streamer – Fanum
  • Best Strategy Game Streamer – BoxBox
  • Best FPS Streamer – Aceu
  • Best VTuber – IronMouse
  • Best Music Streamer – TPain
  • Best Chess Streamer – GothamChess
  • Best Minecraft Streamer – Quackity
  • Best Speedrun Streamer – PointCrow
  • Best Art Streamer – Meat Canyon
  • Best IRL Streamer – JakeNBakeLive
  • Best Philanthropic Stream Event – 500 Mile Cyclethon, CDawgVA
  • Hidden Gem Award – KingSammelot
  • Stream Game of the Year – Elden Ring
  • Best Just Chatting Streamer – Hasanabi
  • Best Variety Streamer – xQc
  • Best Streamed Event – Mogul Chessboxing Championship
  • Rising Star Award – Frogan
  • Best Content Organization – OfflineTV
  • League of Their Own – DougDoug
  • Streamer of the Year – Kai Cenat
  • Gamer of the Year – TenZ

When did the Streamer Awards 2023 take place?

The Streamer Awards 2023 happened on March 11. Before the winners were announced, there was a fancy red-carpet show. QTCinderella had a co-host this year, Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter from 100 Thieves. They presented awards in 26 different categories, such as best overall streamer, best VTuber, best event, and rising star.

How can I watch the Streamer Awards 2023?

If you couldn’t watch the live show, don’t worry! You can catch the glamorous event on QTCinderella’s Twitch channel and her YouTube channel. That way, you can see everything that happened during the awards ceremony.

The Streamer Awards 2023 will have some amazing hosts:

Valkyrae and QTCinderella will be the main hosts for the evening. They will guide us through the event. On the red carpet, we’ll have Hasan, Ludwig, Squeex, and Sweet Anita conducting interviews with the streamers. It’s going to be a star-studded affair.

The Streamer Awards 2023 had some amazing performers:

Here is the lineup of performers for the evening:

  • Nicki Taylor
  • Yung Gravy
  • Charming Jo

That’s all you need to know about what happened at Streamer Awards 2023. It was a night to remember.

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