Sheila Marie Ryan: The Death of James Caan's Ex-Wife - Tech Preview

Sheila Marie Ryan was a lady from America who acted in movies and was also a model. Most people recognized her because she used to be married to a famous Hollywood actor named James Caan. She was also the mom of another actor and used to model, Scott Caan.

She acted in some TV shows and movies like Hunter, Road House, and Shelter from the Storm. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2012 because of cancer when she was 60 years old. So, this is a short story about her life and what she did.

Career and early life

Sheila Marie Ryan was born in Franklin Park, Illinois, USA on September 17, 1952. She was white and followed the Christian faith. We don’t know a lot about her family, brothers or sisters, or where she went to school, but it seems like she had a good childhood and learned things about acting and making movies.

She began her work as a model and even appeared on the front cover of Playboy magazine in October 1973. After that, she started acting and got parts in different movies and TV programs.

Some of the important things she did in her acting career were:

  • In a show called “Hunter” in 1984, she acted as Lisa Kendall, who was Rick Hunter’s girlfriend in a crime show.
  • In a movie called “Road House” in 1989, she played a small role as Tinker’s girlfriend in an action movie.
  • In a funny and scary movie named “Fertilize the Blaspheming Bombshell” in 1992, she acted as Sister Mary Catherine, a nun who got owned by a demon.
  • In a thriller movie called “Shelter from the Storm” in 1994, she played Laura, a woman who was being followed and bothered by her ex-husband.
  • In a drama movie titled “A Boy Called Hate” in 1995, she acted as Cindy, who was the mother of the main character named Hate.

James Caan Marriage and Divorce

James Caan, a well-known actor in movies and TV, starred in notable films like The Godfather, Misery, and Elf. In 1975, he met Sheila Marie Ryan, and they chose to marry on January 12, 1976.

Their union led to the birth of their son, Scott Caan, who came into the world on August 23, 1976. Following in his parents’ footsteps, Scott pursued a career in acting and modeling, gaining recognition for his roles in Hawaii Five-0, Ocean’s Eleven, and Entourage.

Regrettably, Sheila and James encountered difficulties in their marriage, marked by frequent arguments and infidelity. Consequently, they made the painful decision to separate in 1977, finalizing their divorce on December 7, 1977.

Upon their separation, Sheila received monthly financial support of $3,000 for five years, along with their son Scott’s custody, while James provided $1,000/month in the support of child until Scott reached the age of 18.

Death and Legacy

Sheila Marie Ryan passed away because of cancer in Canoga Park, California on September 18, 2012. Her age was 60 when she died. His family and her son Scott were still there after her passing.

Sheila Marie Ryan was a lovely and talented lady who had a short but memorable time as a model and actress. She was also known for her marriage to James Caan in Hollywood. Even though she’s gone, her son Scott and her work, who is also in showbiz, carry on her legacy.

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