One of the best games from the popular casino game  developer Scribe is the crash-like game Aviator. The game combines various cool features to make it unique and attractive to all kinds of players. Read more about three things that make the Aviator game stand out. 

If you’re looking for a new kind of casino game that combines multiplayer features with classic crash-style gameplay, you’re in luck. The Aviator game is one of the newer types of casino games. Many of the newer casino games getting developed in recent years combine features from our games with classic casino game elements. The Aviator game is one of the popular ones that stands out in more than one way. 

It combines game genres

One thing that makes the Aviator game stand out from many other games is its fun combination of genres. It combines many of the best elements of casino games and the fun of crash-like games to create a new type of gameplay. 

It’s a multiplayer game with a live feed

The fact that the Aviator game is a multiplayer game is another cool thing that attracts many players. It gives the game a different vibe that you’re playing against other players instead of playing against a computer. The developers also added a live feed chat that makes it possible to have conversations with the other players during the game. This gives this online game the social element that many players love from the classic casino games. Just like when you are sitting across from each other at the poker table, you are able to interact and discuss the game when playing Aviator. 

It has an autopilot function

The autopilot function that you’ll find in Aviator makes it super easy to play. The game is about cashing out before the plane disappears. The autopilot functions can place your bet and cash out for you in each round. All you have to do is to set the amount that you want to bet and at which multiplier round you would like it to cash out. You don’t have to use the autopilot function, but you can if you don’t want to keep close track of each round. 

New features make casino games relevant

Aviator is not the only casino game that is paving the way toward a more innovative iGaming industry. The best online casino games today are made with the most advanced gaming technology. Many of them have cool multiplayer features and amazing graphics. Many gamers are getting interested in the combination of traditional game genres and the gambling elements that casino games bring to the table. The advancements of the games in themselves are a major factor in the increase in the popularity of casino games. A great example is the highly popular live dealer feature that makes it possible for the players to feel like they are playing on the casino floor without having to leave their homes. 

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