Mobile Family Subscription (MobilabonnementFamilie) Guide

In this detailed guide, we’ll reveal important information about mobile family subscription or as the Norwegians call it mobilabonnementfamilie that you must know. We’ll reveal what this plan is all about, the benefits of choosing this package, factors to consider before choosing a subscription, etc. With so much to unravel, let’s get right into it.

What is a Mobile Family Subscription?

A family subscription is a package offered by most mobile providers to cater to the needs of all members of a household at a discount. You can visit to discover the different mobile providers in Norway. Basically, you get to enjoy different subscriptions from one provider in just one package.

The interesting thing is you must not be actual ‘kin’ to enjoy this discounted plan. You can team up with friends, roommates, and colleagues to form your ‘family’ and still enjoy the benefits. However, when using this package with individuals who are not family, you need to consider the following:

• One member of the group will serve as the owner of the subscription. Therefore, they’ll have control over the subscription. As such, they make the payments and get the invoice from the network provider.
• The member that serves as the owner can view the data usage of other members in the group. This gives them the power to disburse data transfer among other members. If you are not comfortable with these conditions, partnering with other non-family members might not be the best for you. This is especially true for individuals who want full control over their usage and invoices.

Benefits of a Mobile Family Subscription

Why should you opt for this type of subscription? The answer is simple, it has so many benefits. Therefore, in this section, we’ll discuss these benefits in detail.

You Save Money

The reason many opt for this subscription is the discount they get to enjoy. You can click here to compare the discounts mobile providers offer for this package. If several members use the same provider, adding different subscriptions to one account results in discounts.

The person who has the main account makes the full payment. However, the added subscriptions get discounts. This way the household as a whole can save money, thanks to these discounts.

Data Sharing

This is another reason why this package is beneficial. Let’s say the dad runs out of data and needs to complete a work project. Instead of buying additional data, he can simply transfer that of any of the children to wrap up the project. The same goes for anyone who needs data having exhausted theirs.

No Limitations on Calls and SMS

If you’re wondering how to get access to a subscription with no limits on calls and SMS, then a family subscription might just be what you need. Most mobile operators include these services for free when you get this type of package. This allows members of the household to call and text without thinking of such costs. Once again, this allows you to save on the money you’d have spent on calls and SMS.

Better and Centralized Subscription Management

Instead of having so many invoices sent to your home, you get only one. Furthermore, you can easily monitor data consumption. This allows you to make changes as you deem fit and reduce excess spending.


Given the amount of negative exposure of all sorts on the internet, a good parent would want to shield their kids from such. Many household subscriptions have parental control as one of their features. With this feature, you can limit your kids’ access to certain sites and services and monitor their activities.

Factors that Determine the Need for a Family Subscription

Before you opt for this package, some factors determine if you need one or not. If these factors don’t apply to you, then you don’t need to pay for this plan. Here they are:

You Need Discounts Because You Spend a Lot

As we’ve seen already, you get to enjoy discounts when you choose this package. So, if you are neck-deep in mobile plan payments, then this type of package might just be the breather you need. This is especially true if you’re paying for all the different plans used by other members.

Number of Active Users in the Home

If almost everyone in the home uses data for one need or the other, then you need a smart plan to reduce cost and manage usage. When making your choice, ensure that the plan/provider you choose accepts the number of users in your home. It wouldn’t make sense to get a package that won’t cover everyone.

You Get So Many Invoices

What a good number of people don’t know is that you get charged for the paper invoices you receive for your mobile plans. So, if you are getting so many invoices, then a smart way to avoid this is to use just one account and that’s what you get with family packages. This also allows you to manage overall costs by paying attention to the unnecessary data usage in your home.

You Get to Roll Over Frequently

If you discover that you always have leftover data at the end of your plan cycle. Instead of dealing with the incessant need to always roll over to ensure you don’t lose the data you paid for, you can switch to a family package. This way, when your cycle is almost over and you still have excess data, you can share it with other members. However, if rolling over the data is not an issue for you, but you still want a family package, ensure that it allows you to roll over your data.

Underage Data Users

Some providers offer special features and services for young people not older than 18 years. So, if you have let’s say three persons in your family within this age bracket who are active data users, you can opt for a household package. However, ensure that the plan you choose offers such benefits because not all of them do.


A family package or subscription is a great way to manage your family’s data usage. In this article, we’ve discussed the benefits of this package. We’ve also revealed factors you need to consider that will determine if you need to go for this plan or not.