microsoft edge

Microsoft is officially rolling out its revamped Edge and the full beta version has been released for Windows and macOS.

Though officially still in its preview version, a blog post by the company explains Microsoft Edge is ready for everyday use.

The earlier preview versions were delivered in Canary and Dev flavors. Those were the initial testing versions. The latest roll contains very fresh changes. The Canary is updated daily while Dev on a weekly basis. In every six weeks the new Beta channel is learned to be getting major updates.

This means the shaky stuff have been completely wedded out by now and the browser could be reliable for users. Microsoft claims it is now good for everyday use.

The Microsoft blog post reveals new beta supports fourteen different languages and equipped with tracking prevention.

Until now the Microsoft Edge, build to the Chromium engine, has been downloaded more than a million times.

The recent moves of Microsoft like better integration with Windows 10 and improving laptop battery life during video playing were big drive forward on the open source front.

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