Robinsons Character

The movie Meet the Robinsons by Disney in 2007 is a funny and exciting story. It is about a kid inventor named Lewis who makes a memory scanner. He meets Wilbur, a kid who can travel through time. Wilbur is on a mission to stop the bad things the Bowler Hat Guy and his robot have doing in the past.

Lewis goes on a super exciting journey to fix time. Lots of surprises happen. Along the way, he learns it is better not to be sad about things that did not happen. It is more important to look forward to a great tomorrow. Check out these 10 amazing things about the main characters in the movie.

10 amazing things about Robinsons character

Here we have discussed 10 amazing things about Robinsons character:

Famous Daddy

Lewis once asks Wilbur about his dad’s appearance. Wilbur jokes that his dad, Cornelius, looks like Tom Selleck. However, when we see Cornelius, he does not really resemble the famous actor.

Surprisingly, if you pay attention, you will notice that Selleck, the actor, voiced Cornelius. The scene was written before they approached Selleck, and he gladly took on the role after they got in touch with him.


Uncle Artworks as a pizza delivery guy, and he is not just any delivery guy, he travels through space to deliver pizzas. You might catch a glimpse of him in the background. Art has a really strong and relaxed look, with big muscles, a fancy hairstyle, and a strong jaw. Lewis even thinks Art is a superhero at first but later finds out he is a pizza guy.

Guess what? The actor voicing Art is Adam West, famous for being Batman in the ’60s. Art’s character pays homage to Adam West’s superhero days with his looks and personality.

Famous Faces

The home where Lewis lives is super important for his story. It is where he wishes for a better life and a family. Interestingly, his enemy, Goob, comes from the same place. The orphanage has some well-known people on its walls, such as Walt Disney and Nikola Tesla. If you look closely, you will spot them.

Lewis looks up to Disney and Tesla because they were awesome inventors and creators. Later on, he became a famous inventor, following in their footsteps.

Anti-Gravity Boots

Towards the end of the film, Lewis goes back to his lab to keep inventing cool stuff. In the background, there is a glimpse of his invention, anti-gravity boots. They are not a big deal in the main story, but in a scene that did not make it to the final cut, Lewis was supposed to use these boots to fight a robot named Dolores. It is too bad we did not get to see the boots in action in the movie.

Wheels Within Wheels

Making movies is tricky, especially when planning an animated one. There are many details to figure out while creating the story. In a scene, Lewis removes the wheel from his time machine, and that is a big deal. It makes the machine crash, making the story more exciting for us.

However, here is the funny part later, the wheel is magically back on the time machine with no explanation.

Hidden Mickeys

Hidden Mickeys are a fun thing in many Disney cartoons. It is like a little game where they hide Mickey Mouse, even if he is not part of the story. In Meet the Robinsons, you can spot Mickey in two sneaky places. Gaston’s watch looks like Mickey’s head and ears.

In the future garden, the grass has circles cut out to look like Mickey’s head and ears too. Even the big teacups might be a nod to Mrs Potts from Beauty and the Beast.

Disney Ads

The movie is like a big ad for other Disney movies. In a scene with Goob playing baseball, look at the posters on the fence. One has Mowgli and Baloo from The Jungle Book, and the other shows Jesse from Toy Story, who inspired Woody’s character.


Todayland, the theme park, gives a little shout-out to another Disney place called Tomorrowland. There is even something that looks like the Space Mountain ride from Disneyland. Later on, Lewis travels 30 years ahead to meet his future self and family.

This time jump is like what happened in Tomorrowland, where they went from 1955 to 1985 to see the future.

Wilbur The Superhero?

In the story, when Wilbur tells Lewis he can time travel, Lewis teases him by calling him ‘Captain Time Travel.’ Surprisingly, this Captain Time Travel guy is real in Lewis’s time. He even has his face on a lunchbox that Wilbur carries.

What is funny is that Captain Time Travel looks a lot like a grown-up Wilbur but with big muscles. Does that mean Wilbur turns into Captain Time Travel when he is older?

Nod To The Author

The school Lewis goes to is named Joyce Williams Elementary School. They picked this name to honour the author William Joyce, who wrote a book called “A Day with Wilbur Robinson” in 1990. The movie is based on this book, but it tells a totally different story about time travel, which was not in the original book.