Lisa Wilson: Woman Behind the Jets' Rising Star - Tech Preview

In 2021, Zach Wilson was picked as the second player in the NFL Draft. The TV showed the usual scene in the room where they pick players. Zach Wilson looked really happy on camera, with his friends and family around him.

The New York Jets thought Zach Wilson from BYU was the best choice to make their team better. However, on that draft night, Zach’s mom, Lisa Wilson, became famous on social media.

People were surprised that she had a son who was 21 years old, and some people even called her the draft’s most valuable player. Back then, her Instagram, where she shared stuff leading up to the draft night, had less than 10,000 followers. However, she now has more than 100,000 followers.

However, she is now in the spotlight again. This time, it is because of what her son’s former girlfriend, Abbey Gile, said about him. Abbey Gile posted a picture of herself with her new boyfriend, Dax Milne, who plays for the Washington Commanders and used to be on the same team as Wilson at BYU.

Some people in the comments called her a “homie hopper” for starting a relationship with Milne. In response, she said something really shocking.

This new information has put Lisa Wilson in the spotlight again, and people on social media are really surprised. Her son will need to explain some things, but her best friend will have even more explaining to do.

Zach Wilson’s family

In March, Zach Wilson’s parents, Lisa and Mike, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Lisa wrote a personal message to her husband on her Instagram.

Together, they have six children, four boys and two girls. They are a close-knit family and follow the Mormon religion. Mike has Hawaiian heritage, which is why Zach Wilson’s middle name is Kapono. They are very close, and just two weeks ago, they were all together on a vacation in Mexico.

The recent news might be embarrassing for the Wilson family, but they are so close that they will probably work through it. Lisa’s best friend, however, might not be so lucky, and their friendship could be over for good.

Five things you did not know about Zach Wilson

She really likes to exercise and try new makeup

Lisa calls herself a “fitness fanatic” and teaches dance at many fitness places in Utah, like Treehouse Fitness and Studio IVL.

She shared on Instagram that when she is dancing, she can forget about everything and enjoy the music and the good vibes from the people around her.

Surprisingly, Lisa did not start doing makeup until later. She mentioned on Instagram that she only learned how to put on eyeshadow two years ago.

“I did not know how to do it,” she said in the post. “I felt a bit awkward, like I did not know how to be stylish with makeup.”

She follows a religion

Zach Wilson said he is a member of the LDS Church, also known as the Mormon Church. He went to Brigham Young University, a school named after an important Mormon Church leader. The news mentioned that his parents are successful small business owners.

When Lisa learned that her daughter who was 13-year-old had been talking to a stranger online, she posted a video on Instagram from her kitchen. She said, “Bad things can enter your home and take your child away, and you might not even realize it.”

“I thought I had protected her from outside influences, and she was my kid, so I thought she would be safe even if someone got in,” Lisa wrote. “I was mistaken.”

She enjoys making food

She shares pictures of the food she cooks on her social media. Her Instagram, called “lifeaccording2lisa,” has over 104,000 people following her.

Lately, she put up a recipe for making your own salsa and said, “Homemade salsa is simple to make and tastes much better than the one from the store with chemicals.”

She is making a brand

If you look at Wilson’s description, you can find a link to her website where you can see what she is working on next.

She is selling things like clothes, and she is getting ready to start a YouTube channel and a podcast in the near future.

Her family is very important to her

If Wilson is not sharing a recipe, she is likely finding any reason to post a picture with her and her family.

She takes pictures of all the special days, like National Daughter’s Day, and makes sure her children are the most important part of everything she does.

On Mother’s Day, Wilson did a big photo session with her family and took separate pictures with each of her six kids to show how thankful she is that they made her a mother.

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