Kyedae Cancer Diagnosis Revealed: Here Are The Updates - Tech Preview
Kyedae opens up about mental health challenges after being diagnosed with cancer: "I'm feeling really frightened."

Kyedae cancer diagnosis: After finding out about her cancer, Kyedae talked openly on her livestream about how it’s impacting her mental well-being. Her fans have been providing lots of support and comfort during this difficult time.

Kyedae, a popular streamer on Twitch who plays Valorant, is known for being very strong-willed. She doesn’t let hateful comments bother her and credits her time in Valorant for helping her develop a thick skin against negativity.

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Recently, Kyedae, a content creator and Twitch streamer, shared the sad news of Kyedae cancer diagnosis on Twitter. Her fans, fellow Twitch streamers, and the Valorant community showed their support and love for her during this difficult time. Riot, the company behind Valorant, also sent her a special care package to show their support and care.

Even after Kyedae cancer diagnosis, she continues to show her strong and positive personality. She uses humour to cope with the situation and makes jokes about her diagnosis. She even impressed her fans by cracking jokes about it while receiving an award at the Streamer Awards earlier this year.

Kyedae cancer diagnosis and mental health

Kyedae, who is known for her strong mindset as a streamer, opened up about her mental health struggles after being diagnosed with cancer. She shared her feelings during one of her streams with her viewers.

Kyedae shared her emotions and journey after her diagnosis, saying “I’m having just a really f***king difficult day. And I obviously only show a little bit of how I’m feeling and what I’m going through, and a lot of people are saying I’m really strong. But I’m not. I’m actually really scared. I’m really f***king scared.”

Kyedae’s words deeply moved her viewers, and they showed their support and love by filling the chat with encouraging messages.

Even while dealing with Kyedae cancer diagnosis, Kyedae emphasized the importance of mental health and reminded viewers that everyone has their struggles, even if it may not be apparent to others.

“I wanted to tell you guys this because people on the outside can look like they’re doing well on the outside but, they’re not on the inside. And just please know that everyone is going through stuff and this isn’t just a pity party. It’s not what I want.”

Kyedae is a remarkable person in the Valorant community, and she continues to battle cancer with immense support, love, and care from her viewers, fans, and the community as a whole.

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