Poppy Playtime NFT Controversy!

In the fall of the year prior, Poppy Playtime, an infrequent independent horror game, was released. Because of the game’s unique puzzles and eerie characters, particularly Huggy Wuggy, many players fell in love with it right away. Despite its brief duration, many viewers were eager to see what the next episode had in store.

Sadly, things went south when the manufacturer, MOB Technologies, decided to sell a pair of Poppy Playtime NFTs. This offended a lot of fans, which resulted in a ton of negative and not very favorable comments on the independent game’s main page.

The Poppy Playtime NFTs!

The NFT variants of Poppy Platyime’s in-game portraits were made available, according to an announcement made by MOB Games in November of the previous year. According to the creator, this deal was presented as a “prospect to obtain a part of the game.” Furthermore, supporters would have the opportunity to uncover the 7th NFT by obtaining all of the six accessible NFTs. Players could then finish a puzzle with a full set.

Each NFT included a collection of audio samples that were used to explain the puzzle. The player was given instructions regarding how to fit the letters back in the last of the seven videos, which featured distinct combinations of letters in distorted voices. Mommy’s Long Legs are approaching, which served as the ultimate solution to the riddle and was probably a hint for the game’s upcoming chapter.

However, fans objected to the method MOB Games used to tease Chapter 2. Even putting aside any NFT detestation, the collection’s $14.89 price per NFT made buying them all an expensive endeavor. Additionally, users thought that the Poppy Playtime narrative was being kept behind such a barrier by the developers. As a result, MOB Games removed its NFT tweet, and Poppy Playtime’s Steam ratings began to fall. Currently, out of approximately 31,000 comments, over 7,020 are unfavorable.

On May 4, Zach Belanger, MOB Games CEO, released a statement regarding the Poppy Playtime NFT controversy. In that statement, he makes it clear that MOB Technologies regrets starting the NFT project. He continues by saying that the NFT challenge was just a teaser for the next chapter and that the company never intended to hide important mythology behind such a paywall. Belanger clarifies that despite this, customers will still be able to purchase Poppy Playtime NFTs because the company is obligated by a contract. Clean Air Task Force (CATF), the organization devoted to reducing air pollution and promoting the use of renewable power, will then receive a donation from the firm’s NFT earnings.

Other Concerns Relating to Poppy Playtime NFT!

Despite the fact the NFT situation has largely been resolved, MOB Gaming continues to have a few issues to deal with. The latest plagiarism problems are also addressed in Belanger’s remarks. It has been claimed that Poppy Playtime cloned Venge, a different independent horror game created by Ekrcoaster. Furthermore, certain personnel at MOB Gaming have a dark heritage with Ekrcoaster, and harassment charges have been put out.

In addition, Poppy Playtime Chapter 2, which has been published on May 5 last year, has numerous flaws and starting problems. Approximately 1,200 of the 3,600 Steam reviews currently available are unfavorable. Some gamers complain that the catastrophic error exception windows prevent them from being able to play at all. Other, luckier people can play, but they complain that the program is too glitchy.

These issues don’t exactly give MOB Gaming a good reputation. Due to the business’ dubious methods, many web users say they no more would like to promote Poppy Playtime or the business.

Even said, many people have already forgiven the creators and are anxious to play more of the indie horror game’s episodes. They have a lot to look forward to, including new chapters, merchandise, as well as a Poppy Playtime film.

Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What is the Poppy Playtime controversy?

Poppy Playtime Has Been Charged With Plagiarism and Bullying.

The plagiarism accusations against Poppy Playtime developers are connected to two other controversies dealing with EnchantedMOB, an animation group partnered with MOB Games.

2. Did Poppy Playtime stop selling NFTs?

Ans. NO. Users thought that the Poppy Playtime narrative was being kept behind a paywall by the developer. With this, Poppy Playtime’s Steam rating started to decline, and MOB Games removed their NFT tweet.


This week saw the release of Chapter 2 of Poppy Playtime and a message from Belanger. The second chapter of Poppy Playtime takes up where the first chapter left ended. Despite getting away from Huggy Wuggy, the player is trapped within the Playtime Co. facility. In addition, Mommy Long Legs is a new antagonist in Chapter 2 of the survival horror video game. Additionally, MOB Games guaranteed that the new chapter would be lengthier than Chapter 1, providing gamers with a tonne of fresh new material.