Earlier doubts were raised whether Google would continue installation of its fiber internet service in several potential cities and now questions are swirling for Jacksonville too.

It is learned from local tech community involved with internet infrastructure they have not yet been contacted by the search giant. One of the members claim Google had “gone silent.”

Lately it is also reported Google is rethinking over installation plan of its high-speed fiber.

According to Wall Street Journal, following the initial rollouts being too expensive and time taking the company is retreating from the plan.

Meanwhile, amid such speculations and reports the search giant as well as Jacksonville has insisted they have not dropped the ideal of installing the fiber and they will be exploring options in Jacksonville.

Google announced its plan for Jacksonville last year in October.

Business Journal cites a mail of Google that writes, “We’re continuing to work with city leaders to explore the possibility of bringing Google Fiber to Jacksonville.”

On the other hand Jacksonville has no such update with it on the project and said the internet giant was still assessing the situation.

City spokeswoman Tia Ford said, “This is an effort led by them… They’re the ones that can provide any information.”

Meanwhile, city representatives met with Google people, as usual, but the meetings have not yet offered any related information for installation of fiber.

Google announced rollout of high-speed internet service Fiber six years ago in 2010.