Jobs in today’s corporate world are not consistent. Your job may be at the risk of coming under chopping block and you may be asked to find other place to work and vacate the premises immediately. What to do under such circumstances? Do you have a Plan B in your career? Below are some tips how to overcome job crisis:

– The first and foremost thing suggested by career experts is to keep your resume updated and make yourself active on job sites and social networking sites.

– The key to career success is in networking and so always attempt in making a superb network by participating in shared activities at workplace, attend school reunions and sign up for networking meets.

– Update your existing skills frequently and try to crack the next level of job applications. Get new certification of your work and keep polishing your soft skills too like teamwork, communication and adaptability.

– Try to pursue in those field which interests you more than your current job. You may get better position there. Be open to new things and gain new experiences.

– Make a list of your dream companies including their contact details, websites and job vacancies so that you can start reaching those at the time of your job risk at current company.

– Keep your updated resume at ready-to-send email template as well as the stronger feedback of your client or employer. Shoot it to friends and potential employers and this will work as a good Plan B for you.