Why to entertain unwelcomed messages in our inbox? We usually say something similar every time we login into our email accounts. Spam mails keep on flooding even after our mail client has been using filter to throw such stuff away. There are still ways from our end how to overcome such irritating invaders. Below are some of the best ways how to do it.

Inform Your Filter

Usually we delete spam mails, but this is not enough. It is important to inform the filter. Simply select it and inform the mail client that the email is a spam. The process differs from client to client. In Gmail you get ‘Report spam’ button. It is seated in the toolbar and its icon looks like an exclamation point.

It is also suggested to inform the filter if any positive message has been sent to spam folder. At least once in a day or two check the folder and look for messages. If a mail is mistakenly delivered there, inform the client that the message is not a spam.

Mail client learns from these efforts of yours and makes less and less mistakes thereafter.

Try Not Responding To Spam

It is highly suggested not to open suspicious mail. If you have opened the message, close it immediately after you recognize it to be a spam. Never click on any button or link on it. Never download any file too from there.

If you open the spam mail that appears to have come from one of your friends or co-workers, contact the person and inform the account has been compromised.

Don’t Expose Email Address Unnecessarily

It is highly suggested to keep your email address close to your chest. It is universal truth that you get more spam mails if more people have your email address. Also, never publish the address on the web unless it is highly necessary. In such case it is wise to use different email address.

Third-Party Anti-Spam Filter Works

It is better if you can use a third-party anti-spam filter such as ESET Smart Security 9. In one anti-spam test it is reported to have the highest score for catching spam mails.

Change Email Address

This may be the last option if other efforts have failed in stopping spam completely from invading your inbox. Usually it has been seen if too many spam mails have been responded in the past, your inbox may get flooded with such mails.

Changing email address may require some extra efforts as you need to thereafter inform your legitimate contacts about the new address. Even you need to maintain both the addresses together for about few months.


The above briefed ways work to great extent in keeping away spam mails, but still you need to be extra careful with our email Ids. It should be less circulated and only to those whom you know personally or with whom we are striking a business deal. Remember, it is a sensitive issue and should not take lightly. A quick action is required.

Share your views too with fellow readers in the below given comment box about how best you can protect your inbox from spam stuff, the unwelcomed visitors.