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Have you ever felt that there is something missing in your life. Thinking that your life is incomplete and hopeless. Statements like, “There is nothing I can get with my skills and talent, and my wants are in thousands” are part of your life. If these are the thoughts juggling up in your mind then, Give one more special thought to your brain i.e., How to stay positive? How to think positive.

Depression, anxiety, stress, etc are caused due to the mental pressure and negativities present in our mind. Positivity in life is extremely essential for each and every individual in this world. However, learning some techniques to stay positive in life is also necessary. Therefore in the following article I have mentioned some of the major habits that will surely teach you how to stay positive towards life. 

Finding The Optimistic Viewpoint In Negative Situations

There are thousands of things that every individual faces in life. But, losing your faith is where you are in the whole situation. There are only situations in life, it depends upon the person whether the person perceives it as a negative situation or a positive. Seeing the positive aspects of life is extremely necessary for a person. The things have been done, the situation has already arrived, the things that matter now are, ‘your perception and viewpoint’. 

If you have a positive outlook even in a negative situation, then your thought process and mind will develop an optimistic approach towards severe situations. Every coin has two faces, one is bad and the other one is good. Every human mind has the tendency of focussing on the negative aspects of a situation first. However, it is not an involuntary action of a body, one can change the process of measuring the aspects. 

Start being optimistic and positive in the negative situations and you will feel the change in yourself. This will not only make you capable of holding an optimistic approach, but will also teach you how to stay positive in extremely typical situations. 

Choose Your Environment

The surroundings where you live and where you belong to,  are two different things. Therefore, choose the one that fits you the best i.e., the positive one. If you are living in an environment where there is only darkness and none of the entertaining and positive activities are there to hold you it will impact you. In such situations you will surely set up your mind to view the negative aspects of a situation and will not know how to stay positive. 

People living nearby you train you a lot in terms of perception. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a healthy and positive company of friends. Just give some time to yourself and ask yourself a question, “which are the 3 most negative people I am surrounded with in my life”. After getting the answer, just start maintaining the distance from those people. This will not only improve your company of friends, but will also give you a broader mindset. 

Apart from that, people also focus on the negative source of information. Being informed is important, but to know from where you are getting information is also important. A person seeing a half filled glass as “half filled” has an optimistic approach. However, a person seeing it as “half-empty” has  a negative approach towards things. Such situations will make you learn how to stay positive and optimistic..

Just know the difference and start working upon it. 

Go Slowly

Going too fast in life sometimes, can be very harmful to your personal and professional life. It doesn’t mean that you have to be a kind of sloth while doing your work. It is just that you have to maintain a pace with which you are quite comfortable and less messed up. Going too fast with eating, working, talking, thinking may leave some things behind in your life. 

Going fast builds up stress too. You have to understand the difference between keeping yourself busy and going too fast. Your mind and body works on much quieter and cooler mode when you work slowly and comfortably. There are bundles of ideas in a human being’s brain. However, the brain needs time to evaluate things and find the most probable solution to your problem. Work at a comfortable speed and enjoy the flavor of staying positive in life. 

Don’t Let Vague Fears Destroy Your Exploration

Every human being has thousands of creative ideas in their mind and it just takes some amount of guts to work upon them. Trying something new and out of your league may sound uninteresting but it can be extremely helpful. Vague fears can become one of the biggest hurdles in getting the answer of how to stay positive in life. 

For instance a person who loves communicating with people and wants to be an RJ in future. But he lacks in vocabulary skills. He starts working as a content writer for a digital marketing company. Due to this it might be possible that he would not be able to work as an Rj for that specific period of time. Soon his vocabulary develops in quite a good way. Moreover, in future he becomes a successful RJ.

Well, you can say that it is just an example but you never know what happens with whom. Therefore, don’t let your vague fears hold you back from doing what you want. This will also train you on how to stay positive. Explore yourself and remove the word impossible from your dictionary. This will provide you a sense of decision making and clearing self doubts. 

Start Adding Positivity in Other Person’s Life

You may have thousands of people in your life, but all of them don’t exist in your close one’s list. Yes, you just have to focus on that close one’s list. If a person out of them is extremely close to you and you feel like, “yes i can make that person’s life more positive” then don’t give a second thought, just go for it and you will get to know how to stay positive in life. 

It will not only make the other person happy, but will also help you in staying energetic and happy. You will learn how you can share the positivity in your life. Positivity is the only thing, which when shared gets increased each time. Moreover, if you are hesitating before doing such thing and are in a doubt that how to start, then follow the steps below:

  • Help your friend out from extreme troublesome situations. Not only extreme but even in some of the small problematic situations. Like giving a lift in your car, creating your own blog or podcast in which you can talk about your own solutions to life.
  • Listen to the problems of your friends. Listening is not that much easy as much as it sounds. It requires focus and connection with the person who is speaking. Just let your ideas come out as soon as he/she addresses the problems. 
  • Boost the person’s mood by performing some or the other kind of activity. Playing some cool games together, singing, jamming, going for an outing. These all things are good enough to distract the person’s mind and convert its mood into a refreshing one. 

These steps will surely tell you that How to stay positive in life by adding positivity in other people’s lives.

Begin With Some Exercises

You may say now that it is not so easy to begin with exercises and yoga. But, believe me once you start off with these things then you will feel the change. It will make you feel how impressive and refreshing it feels after doing the exercise. Exercise not only refreshes your mood, but also releases the tension in your body. Now you must be having the question how to stay positive with exercises. 

Well, our muscles get tensed due to our daily work and activity, therefore there is a need to reboot the system. It diverts your mind easily towards fitness and once a person starts focussing on body and fitness. It automatically changes the perspective and mindset of the person that helps them to stay positive.

Criticism And Its Second Perspective

As I mentioned above that it’s all about your perspective and perception, and the same goes for criticism. People may criticise you for your work, nature, or company, but it is not necessary that every criticism hurts you. Take the criticism in a healthy way and see the changes in yourself. 

This will make you much stronger in terms of patience, attitude and personality development. So, when someone criticizes you don’t react, as sometimes silence is the best answer to criticism.

Moreover you can also give the person a calm and complete answer for criticism. If you start feeling hurted for every criticism in life, then it will impact you in a negative way and make you lose in the game of life. The steps in the next paragraph will make you capable of getting the answer of how to stay positive even when people criticise you.

Don’t give an instant reply to any kind of criticism and stay quiet and let the other person complete. Now think that is there anything understandable in the criticism, is it providing you some kind of help? If it is, then thank the person who is criticising you, if not then just be quiet and reply to the person with a savage and polite tone of voice. 

Start Your Day With A Smile And Positivity

It totally depends upon you that, how you want your day to be. If you start with laziness, then your day will be quite of yawns and laziness. Whereas if you want your day to be energetic then it will be dynamic. If you want it to be a happy one then start it with a smile and make others smile too. Be cheerful, wish everyone with some greetings (good morning, good afternoon or goodnight) with a smile. 

These things will have a big impact on your whole day, and you will feel the good vibe yourself when you make others smile. Just imagine if your one greeting makes a person so much happy, then how many other super powers you carry with yourself. The day when you will be able to understand the importance of making other people smile, will be the day you will learn how to stay positive in life. 

Final words

Staying positive is something very essential for a healthy and happy life. Above article contains some of the important ways to stay positive in life. There are a number of habits that can teach you how to remain positive in life and some of them are mentioned above. Smile and greet others with a positive attitude and energy, faith and hope will surely travel along with you on your shoulders and inside your personality. 

I hope you like this article, for more such articles, stay connected to us. And, don’t forget to drop your review in the comment section. 

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